Canadian don’t want immigrants in their country- a new study shows

On one side prime minister has changed the lottery-based system to invite parents and grandparents which will results in doubling of the immigrants families in Canada and on the other side when a poll has been taken by The Angus Reid Institute where they have to answer on what they feel about different groups of migrants coming to the country. Results were shocking where the majority of the voters were not in the favor of family immigrants coming in the country. Take a look on Canadian don’t want immigrants in their country- a new study shows.

Canadian don’t want immigrants in their country- a new study shows
Canadian don’t want immigrants in their country- a new study shows

Results of the poll- shocking and in favor of refugees

Poll results announced after the immigration officer suddenly took back steps on a lottery system for family migration. Poll audience includes the young population of Canada and when asked about their feeling regarding the government plans of increasing the number of immigrants. To everyone shock, they favor refugee and economic immigrants over the family immigrants. With a mere 6% of the poll audience were in favor of government’s decision of allowing family immigrants to come and live with their family.

Reason could be that family immigrants give least to the economy whereas on the other hand refugees work and pay taxes and contribute to the economy. This could be the possible reason why Canadians collectively want that their government took some actions in decreasing their targets with time.

What have Justin Trudeau’s govt. done in the past regarding inviting immigrants to Canada?

Past is witness to Canadian Liberal government target of increasing number of immigrants who get permanent residency to approximately 300,000 in the last year. Continuing their way government is determined to have 340,000 immigrants in 2020.

History of surveys that had been taken on immigration-

The Angus Reid Institute when took a look on the past surveys they found nothing new. Nothing new in the sense that in the past too Canadians were not in the favor of inviting immigrants. The demand of reduction in the number of immigrants is not new it is old. It is also very much relevant from the past surveys that the Canadian which oppose the entry of immigrants are liberal party supporters.

If compared to Jean Chretien plan of 1995 to reduce the immigration who had imposed legal fees on entering the land of Canada, in present time where there is the constant rise in the immigrants, the number of Canadians who feel that there should be a reduction in the number of immigrants have also increased.

Liberal party’s target 2019 elections

Prime Minister Trudeau expressed his intension by tweeting, he said victimized people of any religion are open heartedly welcome to Canada. But in the battle of elections of 2019, opposition attack the Trudeau tweet by saying the ruling government failed badly at border policies.

Trudeau himself assure that the Canada will be the place of togetherness but doesn’t mean the Canadian government favors over population. This is a reply to the opposition blame for the increase in the number of immigrants subsequently when the tweet of the Prime Minister came.

The institute is all determine to conduct such surveys to know the change in Canadian’s immigrants population and what change will come in the feelings of Canadian towards immigration especially family immigrants.