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All about the scholarships program for Canadian universities

Many have dreams of study abroad specifically Canada but many can’t chase their dreams just because they are short of funds. There is no doubt studying in Canada with short of funds but many of the universities in Canada offer various scholarships which could help aspirants to study. There are government authorized scholarships and institution themselves have various scholarships for the students. This article deals with All about the scholarships program for Canadian universities.

All about the scholarships program for Canadian universities
All about the scholarships program for Canadian universities
  1. CGS-M- Canada Graduate Scholarship-Master’s Program

This program is for the international students who are already staying on the permanent basis in Canada or for the students who have registered themselves for the courses in the Canadian universities at Masters or Doctorate level. Courses could be in the areas of health, engineering, science or it could be humanities.

The scholarship award is of CAD17000 when you have enrolled yourself for 12 months course.

  1. Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

The provincial government of Ontario with the collaboration of the university or the school you wish to attend in the Ontario province of Canada will award you CAD 10,000 for your graduate course. The scholarship could raise up to CAD 15,000 if your course is of a longer period.

Salient features of the Scholarship-

  • Given to the students who are high on merits (minimum of 80% or first class).
  • Certificate of the previously attended schools.
  • Candidates will get shortlisted for Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship from the listed applicants of OGS. Also awarded as $15000 for a year in courses of science and technology. Candidates can choose between two. 
  1. Ontario Trillium Scholarship (OTS)

For the international students wants to study in Ontario for their Ph.D. courses. The government gave Scholarship of CAD 40,000 for a year and the scholarship can be renewed till you are pursuing the course.

  1. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (V-CGS)

Award of CAD 50,000 for Vanier Canada Scholarship is for those 167 international students who want to pursue their doctorate and have shown academic performance and leadership qualities in their past academics at Master’s level. Courses come under this scholarship is Social Sciences, Humanities, and Engineering. Nomination by the institution for the scholarship is required.

Many institutions come under this scholarship for example- Toronto University, Alberta University, Waterloo University, and many more.

  1. Scholarship at Waterloo University

International Master’s and Doctoral Student Awards are being presented by the Waterloo University for Masters and Ph.D. courses for international students.

Salient Features of the Scholarship are-

  • Applicants must have enrolled themselves in the Masters or Ph.D. course in the university with the valid permit for study in Canada.
  • Applicant must self-funded and must have held an outstanding academic background.
  • Awards worth the US $ 2045 for Masters of 2 years and US$ 4090 for a Ph.D. course of 3 years.
  1. University of Calgary Graduate Scholarship

Through the Graduate Scholarship office of the University of Calgary, international students can make themselves available for many of Graduate Awards offered by the university.

Salient features of the scholarship are-

  • The award is valid only after you got the Student Number from the university after getting yourself registered with the university.
  • If you have registered with the university then you have to separately apply for the awards.
  • Different courses come under the scholarship which worth up to CAD$40,000.
  1. Graduate Fellowship by Manitoba University

Graduate fellowship is for the international students who have enrolled themselves with the Manitoba University for their Masters or Ph.D. courses.

Salient features of the scholarship are-

  • Scholarship worth CAD $ 14000 for Masters and CAD $ 18000 for the Ph.D. courses for the term of 1 year. The scholarship is valid for the full course of Masters and Ph.D.
  • Academically an applicant should have scored above b+ in his or her previous degree from the reputed university.
  • Students of medicine and business background are not eligible for the scholarship.
  1. Graduate Global leadership fellowships at UBC

Students from developing countries have the chance to study in Canada through this fellowship at UBC. Those students who have performed well in humanitarian work back their country are eligible for this fellowship.

Salient features of the scholarship are-

  • The scholarship is worth CAD $18,200 in addition to the four-year tuition fee.
  • Only students from developing countries can get this fellowship.


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