What Canadian PR has to offer that H1B visa doesn’t?

As it was in news a few days back that immigration officers of Canada flew to the US just to give warning to the immigrants in the US who are entering Canada illegally owing to the strict and heartless Trump’s immigration policies.

Regardless of the changes in the immigration policies nowadays many of the immigrants are using to opt for Canadian PR over staying and working in the USA. The reason could be many and they could vary from person to person. Let’s further see in this article What Canadian PR has to offer that H1B visa doesn’t?

What Canadian PR has to offer that H1B visa doesn’t?
What Canadian PR has to offer that H1B visa doesn’t?

Following discussed are the factors in which it is shown that What Canadian PR has to offer that H1B visa doesn’t?-

  • Freedom of doing any kind of work– This is the first area in which Canada provides full freedom. Being in Canada you can work in any of the state and province and can shift between the jobs. The only exception being is Quebec which kept some restriction in working. On the other in the USA one can only work under the sponsoring employer and he too cannot switch between the jobs until unless some other employer in the USA is ready to sponsor him. In the USA if there is a case of company closure the person has to come to the home country but in Canada, he can stay as per his visa guidelines and can search for the new job.
  • Starting the new business– Canadian dominates the USA H1B in this case too. Being a Canadian PR you can start your own business as we have seen many of the Indians settle in Canada have their own businesses. Starting a business in the USA is a tough job. In general, is not allowed to start your own business, you can be a part of the venture but you cannot run (this too have restrictions).
  • Traveling around the world– If you are a Permanent resident of Canada your visa is a multi-entry visa you can come and go as many times you want but with only one condition of the total 5 years, you must have spent 2 years in Canada. Traveling outside the USA is always associated with a fear of permit on return not getting renewed.
  • Work freedom for the spouses– In any of the new country, it could be difficult to manage the family financially, so it is always better if your spouse is working equally with you to support. In Canada, spouses are free to take any kind of work under any of the employers. In the USA, spouses of the H1B holder have H4 visa under which they are not allowed to work, recent changes in the visa policies they can work but the future of the change is uncertain.
  • Wait for citizenship- Within the 3 years of staying in Canada as a permanent resident one can apply for the citizenship of Canada. For the citizenship of the USA, there is a long wait and process. First one has to apply for the green card and after years of it, he can apply for the citizenship.
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