How can one immigrate to the US?

The United States is getting popular among the immigrants in terms of finding jobs and permanently settling over there. The United States is made up of immigrants and a country offers lots of opportunities. However, immigrating to the USA is not always an easy process. There are different ways to get an immigrant visa and green card. In this article we will discuss different ways how can one immigrate to the US? Let’s discuss the ways:

How can one immigrate to the US?
How can one immigrate to the US?

Are you highly-skilled and do you have a job offer in America?

The first way of how can one immigrate to the US- is employment-based immigration. This way is not for everyone but for those who have specific skills to work over there. For this you need:

  • To have a college degree in a specific field and do have specific skills such as programming skills which outstand you from others.
  • On the basis of your skills, the US employer must hire you and be willing to sponsor for your green card. The process of filing application and paperwork take time, so make sure at the very beginning the US employer start the procedure.

If you have some family links in the US then they can sponsor you-

Another way how one can immigrate to the US is through your family member if he/she is a US citizen or a permanent resident. That family member can sponsor you financially and for lawful status. Firstly,  the family member will submit the Form l-130, to prove that you are related to him or her. To whom a US citizen can sponsor-

  • Spouse, parent or minor children.
  • His or her children but he should be unmarried and above the age of 21.
  • Married child, but he/she will not get an immigrant visa immediately. Waiting time will depend on your home country, marital status, and visa availability.
  • Spouse and minor child can get Green Card but they have to wait and it too depends on your home country.

Marrying a US lawful citizen

Most of the people are aware of this method of marrying a US citizen is your ticket to get the Green Card. Yes, you heard it right after marriage you are only eligible for Green Card not immediately for US citizenship. After marriage, you become an immediate relative of US citizen now the procedure is the same as mentioned earlier.

Green Card lottery- Government authorized a program for green card

This program is conducted by the US government every year. Citizen belongs to underrepresented countries are eligible for this program. This program offers Green Card to people who don’t have job offers in hand or any relative to sponsor.

Investment- a subcategory of employment-based immigration

It is a subcategory of the employment-based immigration and it is employment-based (EB) “preference immigrant category. If Foreign national wants to have a Green card he can do so by investing $ 1 million to the US economy.

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