Life in Canada is not that easy as it seems-immigrants face challenges

Many of the people who want to move out of the country take Canada as their first option. No doubt Canada provides lots of opportunities to settle out, to work over there but starting a career in a new country is always a challenge. Nothing will be spoon fed to you, you have to compromise at various point of life. Stories of immigrants doing menial jobs to sustain their life are no new to us. People do such jobs to survive. Life in Canada is not that easy as it seems-immigrants face challenges and it’s true.

Life in Canada is not that easy as it seems-immigrants face challenges
Life in Canada is not that easy as it seems-immigrants face challenges

In the article, we will tackle various challenges immigrants face while their stay in Canada-

Language barrier- if no English then one must know French or Spanish

In a new country like Canada in which French or Spanish is a major language, it is tough for non-native speakers to survive at first. Because in a country like India major concern is on the local languages not on international language. Indians are somewhere ok with English but French or Spanish is not in their league. Communication is the basic need whether you are there to study or work. With fairly good English you can survive but learning any of the official languages proves good for you. It will help you settle fast. The multilingual trait will be awarded at every job you apply.

Employment barrier-many of the immigrants do a menial job before getting the job according to their caliber

Job until unless it is offered beforehand is a difficult task to find one. Many of graduates have seen doing jobs less to their skills. One major factor of not getting a job is what recruiters call lack of Canadian experiences. So it is always advisable before coming to Canada to get your credentials recognized and start with small jobs to get some experience. Knowing multiple languages could be an advantage over here as you can go for a job as an interpreter.

Housing barrier- no idea about the housing market

When you are in a new to a country your prime need is to get shelter. For this one has to know how the housing markets work. For this prior coming to the country explore the area you want to settle in and estimate the housing cost and near the neighborhood.

Accessibility- At first basic services are hard to access

Every country is different in the aspect of its services and its providers. New immigrants find it difficult to access basic services such as healthcare and legal at first. Internet will help you with this but there are many departments of social service which will assist you to solve the issues.

Commuting problem- Driver license of your country is not valid

Commuting with lack of knowledge of the language is quite a task in a new country. In Canada, your home country’s driving license is of no use. For you to be qualified for an international driving permit, the provincial government examine your driving and make you aware of the rules and regulations.

Commuting with public transport is also not that easy as the time schedules are not fixed and the information centers provide information in local languages which is troublesome.

Cultural shock- Not necessarily imply it on your own but do respect it

Culture is what that describe a country or a region. If you are going to settle in a new country you have to respect their traditions and cultures. Their take on religion may be different from you but you have to respect that keeping your attitude to yourself. Emerging into the culture will help you understand your surroundings better and make friends with the local. Better interaction better life.

Diksha Garg

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