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Trump’s new target is the legal immigrants who wants to become citizens

It is all over the news channels that Trump is planning a proposal which would make the process of becoming citizen difficult for legal immigrants. The mastermind behind the plan is Stephen Miller senior adviser at white house who have done this to put a limit on the immigrants getting legal status each year. Let’s further see how Trump’s new target is the legal immigrants who wants to become citizens.

Trump’s new target is the legal immigrants who wants to become citizens
Trump’s new target is the legal immigrants who wants to become citizens

Who will be affected by the proposal of limiting number of immigrants to be granted citizenship?

As per the draft that has been shown to the news channels, legal immigrants or any of its family member who has taken advantage of schemes including Obamacare or any public welfare schemes might face problems in their application to become citizens in the US. Majority of the immigrants who are doing menial jobs or the jobs which pay less are going to affect the most according to the immigration lawyers.

What had happened to Immigrants to be granted citizenship under Obama’s rule?

Data released by USCIS under the Obama’s rule of total immigrants 1.2 million obtain the legal status and 753,060 have won the race of becoming the citizen. But if we see data from 2018 there is already a decline of 20% in the number of immigrants obtaining legal status. That’s why lawyers have been saying that number of the customers whom applications have rejected has been increased.

Hardship for the legal immigrants in using public benefits in USA

This proposed plan in which Trump’s new target is the legal immigrants who wants to become citizens has made it difficult for them who is working 80 hours straight for a week and wants to use public healthcare for his disabled child. Previously social security insurance benefits were an obstacle in the path of getting the citizenship but now the inclusion of these programs have made this entirely impossible to get the citizenship.

What Miller’s plan holds for American citizens?

The plan is still under the department of management and budget of the white house. According to the Department of homeland security the main agenda of the plan is to ensure American citizen who have been paying major part of their income as taxes to the government that government will make it sure that any immigrant who has been applied for citizenship is financially stable to sustain in the US, so that they don’t proved to be burden in the economy. With this plan in process, previously it had been made difficult for the immigrants to change their status.

Immigration attorneys favor the plan saying USCIS from the very start is strict in evaluating the application for status change

Immigration attorneys have claimed that USCIS analyze every application with proper investigation and effectively from the very start. It hasn’t changed its way of investigation. USCIS doesn’t take chance with public safety and law by allowing the inaccurate and untrusted application.

Consequences of the plan could be devastating for the US economy

According to the statement given by National Immigration Law Center- The Miller’s pan has been forcing the immigrants to choose between legal status and food and healthcare which could lead to the situation of hunger and poverty. People will go homeless and their healthcare needs will be jeopardized. In long term, this plan will leave long-lasting scars on the prosperity of the community and will affect the economy in large. One point that the government is missing out here that immigrants too are contributing in the US economy, taking them down will only have side-effects.


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