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Will Canada’s New Cannabis Act Law Affect Immigration Too?

Recently, the Canada Politics has seen a huge development. The Canadian Parliament has passed a law legalizing the possession and recreational use of cannabis at a very minimal amount. This law has finally put an end to the long-term ban on drugs like marijuana. The law, however, also has some implications for the immigration law; which particularly surrounds inadmissibility.

Will Canada’s New Cannabis Act Law Affect Immigration Too?
Will Canada’s New Cannabis Act Law Affect Immigration Too?

The Cannabis Act and its effect on Canadian immigration

Known as the Cannabis Act or the Bill C-45, this law allows people to possess and use the drug in Canada for up to 30 grams in public. However, the cannabis has to be dried to use in public. The bill also states that people can grow cannabis at their house, but at a very minimal amount. This practice, however, is being challenged by some provinces.

However, although possession and use of 30 grams of cannabis have become legal, this doesn’t mean that all the restrictions on cannabis have been waved off. For instance, if you are using cannabis of that amount, you have to possess them legally. Then again, trading cannabis across the border is still illegal. You simply cannot cross the border to Canada or the United States with cannabis.

Immigration to Canada and the Bill C-45 or the Cannabis Act

While legalizing cannabis has made some changes in the law; it has also made some offenses for breaking a few provisions. This is when the Immigration Law and Cannabis Act cross paths.

There are a few offenses against the Cannabis Law that are extremely indictable or hybrid under the Canadian Law. And these can have a serious influence on the immigration status of a foreign resident or a permanent resident of Canada.

If you, as an immigrant are being convicted under an indictable or hybrid offense, then this could make you inadmissible in Canada. This practically states that any individual whether he is a foreign national or a permanent resident, who has been convicted of any sort of offense the against Cannabis Act, could simply lose their immigration status.

Therefore, the immigrants in Canada has to be extremely careful while following the Cannabis Act.

Other Problems on Cannabis and Immigration to Canada

There are some other things that this bill indicates. It has some major implications to make for people who are traveling to the United States from Canada.

The Federal Law of United States has yet not legalized cannabis in the US and hence, you should be extremely careful about using the drug past border. You also should not carry marijuana from Canada to US passing border. In both the cases, you can get a lifetime ban from the United States.

Conclusion- Good for Canada but it may affect Immigration- Just Wait and Watch

The new Cannabis Act is said to bring a lot of tax benefits to the country. More than bringing tax revenues, it will hopefully reduce the black market for cannabis in Canada.

However, as the new law is also having effects on the immigration law, it will really be interesting to see how all of these materialize in the near future. Until then, you should be well-informed and highly attentive about what is going on in Canada.


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