What Life is like as an immigrant in Dubai?

The decision of moving to Dubai involves a lot of thinking process as a person will experience an entire change in his lifestyle after moving to Dubai. Change for the starters includes a change of culture, change of religious value, change of climate and many more. Dubai is the city which trades in natural resources like oil, petroleum etc. The entire economy is based on this trade. Lavished infrastructure and ease of doing business will make you in love with this country. Let’s further see What Life is like as an immigrant in Dubai?

What Life is like as an immigrant in Dubai?
What Life is like as an immigrant in Dubai?

Cultural status of Dubai- an Arab Emirate country yet liberal one

As an Arab country there is some cultural restriction but with that too it is one of the liberal emirate countries. Dubai is a Muslim country but other religions are equally respected. They follow the Islamic calendar and according to that Ramadan comes 11 days before the previous one and it is sacred in Dubai. Rules are the same as of the Muslim country like 5 times a day they call prayers. One thing to take care of while in Dubai is to show respect to the Muslim women as sometimes they feel uncomfortable to be around men.

Accommodation in Dubai- rental system but it is difficult to deal with landlords

Exploring housing market of Dubai gives you a variety of option but most choose it to be rented one. Rented apartments come with the luxury of service apartments and with many you can choose leases for short time. Moreover, it all depends upon the area of choice. If you already have a job with a Dubai employer make sure your rental agreement is been taken care of as sometimes dealing with landlords could be a problem some. If the landlord hasn’t paid the maintenance fee of the apartment it will restrict you from using basic amenities of that apartment.

Ease of doing business- various opportunities but priority is always to Emiratis

Import market in Dubai is expanding at large scale giving lots of opportunities to the newcomers in the country. The country is great for entrepreneurs who want to set their business and expand it contributing to the economy of the country. But with these opportunities here comes the problem, be it a government sector or private companies they prefer Emiratis everywhere even his credentials are way lower than your’s credentials he would be at a higher position than you.

Owing to different government procedure and regulations set up your business is a long-term procedure as many of the departments are not interconnected so a person has to move to different departments with his file which is a time-consuming procedure.

The lifestyle of Dubai- Lively nightlife with amazing food

English is widely spoken in Dubai which makes it easy to communicate and make friends while you are new to the country. Dubai is an international country catering people from different countries that justify the presence of different food chains and restaurants which will never make you crave for home food. You can enjoy the nightlife in Dubai after 9 pm.

Transport in Dubai-Affordable transport but navigation is a problem

There is a vast availability of the taxis at the affordable prices and the metro has connected the maximum of stations which will help you roam around the country easily and at the cheap price. Immigrants or expats who get their resident visa are eligible to get eGate for the air travel which will exempt you from any kind of custom checking.

Self-driving in Dubai owing to the road structure one can’t navigate the roads as each road has not given a name and road and street signs are very much limited which adds to the problem of driving. Dubai is not a country for the people who love to walk because of the heat. Weather is a little bit cooler and pleasant from November to March then you can think to walk some distance.

Healthcare in Dubai- Good and certified healthcare

The country has certified doctors having a specialty in a variety of fields even including Ayurveda. Dubai to have healthcare providers through acupuncture.


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