How much gap is acceptable in studies for Canadian visa?

Aspiring students who are aiming to earn academic advantage and wants international exposure, Canada is the destination for them. Canada provides both things that too in reasonable expenditure. Adjusting to the new environment is always been really tough, prior knowledge before moving to the new country always helps in understanding the culture better. International students, planning to study in Canada, have to face additional challenges to the cultural and natural experiences and that too because of the study gap. The major problem in study visa for Canada for the students is to explain the study gap. After this one more question pops up How much gap is acceptable in studies for Canadian visa?

How much gap is acceptable in studies for Canadian visa?
How much gap is acceptable in studies for Canadian visa?

To know it better that what type of study gap is acceptable while applying to the Canadian student visa, one need to know kind of study gaps. Let’s have a look at some few important gaps-

  • Re-appear in exams due to low scores: This kind of the gap can be justified really well. In this the student who has fewer marks in tenth or twelfth exams and according to him he is expecting more have opted to re-appear to improve their scores which leads to a gap.
  • A grave family situation: In no case family situation can be avoided. For an utmost satisfaction, it demanded student’s time care and efforts. You have to be optimistic and have to explain your situation honestly. Grave family situations are hard to avoid.
  • Health Issues: health issues are gently managed. A critical health issue is impossible to abstain. It can take more time than expected but student need not worry about it.
  • Facing stress on the job: you have study gap just because before applying you be doing a job, it can be short term contracts or small-scale job. A student needs to hide anything while applying for the visa give your every possible detail with a good explanation.
  • Left jobless for a while after studies: everybody after graduation it is hard to find a right job. Job searching could take time and meanwhile, you are just jobless. This kind of gap if explained with honesty then it is not a matter of worry.

University rule varies from province to province and from college to college. Even a student with a gap of 5 years is accepted by the university. Some with smaller gaps are not getting a visa at all. The reason behind it how you justifies your study gap or academic gap. Many of the universities allow 5 years gap if you are applying for a post-graduation course and for an under-graduation course, two years study gap is admissible.


If you have study gap more than this you may have to fight but if you are justifying your study gap for proper reasons then it doesn’t matter at all. In conclusion, it could be said justify you study gap with honesty and with proper justification, you will surely get the Canadian visa.


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