Is it better to migrate to Australia or New Zealand?

While migrating, if a person is thinking about Australia then its neighboring country New Zealand also comes to his mind. Though there is tough competition between the two countries as both countries are so alike in terms of natural scenery, sports madness.

One can decide which country to choose on the basis of various factors like cost of living, healthcare, education, and many more. This article will answer the toughest question a person encounters when deciding to migrate- Is it better to migrate to Australia or New Zealand?

Is it better to migrate to Australia or New Zealand?
Is it better to migrate to Australia or New Zealand?

Considering following factors one can decide which country to migrate with ones loved ones-

How far will my money go? Choice of moving to Australia vs Newzealand

Australia is the country which provides you with high income after the economic boost of 2000, but on the other hand, it will dig a hole in your pocket when it comes down to taxes and cost of living. For example, cost of buying a house in Australia is high because of the taxes and buying of the vehicle also include stamp duty and registration cost is sky high as compared to New Zealand.

New Zealand has the same cost of living in Australia in spite of low taxes in New Zealand. In New Zealand cost of living is more of region dependent. South Island of New Zealand is cheaper than North Island.

Before migrating to any of the countries compare the cost of living with your income, this will give your pretty much idea about how far will your money go.

What is the standard of education and healthcare in Australia vs newzealand? 

Both the countries are equally good at providing education and healthcare. There will be no second doubts about these two factors while migrating with your family.


Qualifications Framework is Australia’s globally-recognized, the government authorized channels to ensure quality education for all.

Australia’s education system has small classes so that focus can be on all children. Schools recruited university trained and qualified teachers, who are specialized in their fields, so that there is no compromise on the quality of the education. In addition to these, extra learning support is provided for the children who need it.

Whereas in New Zealand, the education system mainly focuses on the student. The education system in New Zealand works on student’s ability to solve problems. Programs to enhance their creativity and to motivate innovation. The system also does include the team working programs, so that in future children don’t have a problem in working with people from different places.


In Australia, both public and private healthcare system is available to all including migrants. Public healthcare Medicare is a government subsidized program which ensures free and minimal cost treatment to their patients. If you want private healthcare then you can enroll in the health insurance fund, it will provide you with the extra benefits including dental and optical services.

In New Zealand too migrants have both the options of public and private healthcare but most of the people don’t choose private because the public healthcare system is good enough that there is no need to go for private.

What is the lifestyle like? Where do I Move- Australia or in Newzealand?

Both the countries yet have another thing in common that we already mentioned above that is sports and craziness for outdoor activities.

Australian are found to be more hardworking and invest more time in working. All because of the country big size and big corporates. Country’s big city has the advantage of more jobs and business opportunities.

However in New Zealand people more believe in balanced work culture, doesn’t compromise with their family time. New Zealand ranked 3 in the Expat Explorer Survey 2016 in the category of work-life balance.

New Zealand’s small and less crowded cities make it easier for them to commute between home and workplace. Unlike Australia which is crowded which make it difficult to commute.

What’s the happiness, safety and general satisfaction like in Australia and newzealand?


Both Australia and New Zealand is among the top 10 happiest countries in the world. New Zealand ranked 8 and Australia been at 9th rank according to the latest World Happiness Report in the category of income satisfaction, healthy life expectancy.


New Zealand was ranked at number 2 and Australia at 10th rank in Global Peace Index of 2017 when compared to other 163 countries. The risk of personal violence is the factor to determine the safety of any country. Safety is not questionable in these two countries.

General satisfaction

According to a survey done by Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD), in the category for the better life and satisfaction level and compared it with their average score of 6.5- Australians scored their satisfaction level as high as 7.3, whereas New Zealand beat Australia as they rate their satisfaction level at 7.4.

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