Is an MS degree in the US worth all of the expense?

This question popped out in your head, it means you are ready to enhance your skill set and you are ready to boost your career. Studying in abroad especially in the US has many variable factors depending upon your personal financial situation and which university you choose to go. US has many great colleges and universities offering MS degree.

To build a great career in future you will be exposed to the world-class culture. All good things come with a price and that price is your time and money. Let me start off with various factor one should keep in mind before applying and then one should decide is an MS degree in the US worth all of the expense?

Is an MS degree in the US worth all of the expense?
Is an MS degree in the US worth all of the expense?

RoI (return on investment) – Education Cost of MS Degree in USA vs Salaries received post Qualification

The first most important factor in decision making is a financial factor. Calculate return on investment (RoI). Let’s compare tuition fees with the salary, to see how much, in the end, you are going to save? The tuition fee depends on your course, the duration of the course and most importantly in which university you are doing your degree.

The required duration of any MS program is 1.5 years.

The total average expense for your studies for total 1.5 years: $50,000(it could be less if you have any scholarship).

Average savings per year (when you are employed after doing MS ): $30,000(it could be more depending on the field in which you have done your degree and more importantly on your skills)

Total savings for 3 years : $90,000- $50,000 (loan without considering interest)= $40,000(Not a poor RoI at all)

Master’s degree obtained from reputed US University : A key that opens career options?

If you have masters on your CV, the first thing that signaled a recruiter is that you have interest in your chosen field. The second thing is your set of skills that will get enhanced. If your bachelor’s degree is not from a very much reputed college it can be overlooked by your masters.

A postgraduate degree opens the door in some field, not in much. For example, if you have done your masters in designing the recruiter will be more interested in your portfolios rather than your PG degree, on the other hand as a postgraduate doctorate is given preference over a medical graduate.

If we talk in terms of salary, employees with master’s degree have an edge over graduate employees. According to the US Census Bureau, employees with a master’s degree have edge over other colleagues they earn 15 percent more than their colleagues.

A postgraduate degree holder has a better chance of getting promotion earlier in their chosen path of study.

Master’s Degree from USA vs Work Experience

One may think this way, instead of paying tuition fees for masters he should better use that time earning money and gain practical skills of a workplace at the same time. According to the executive recruiter at Hook The Talent, Inc. Rosemary Guzman Hook, experience’s value increase with the master’s degree, as now you have both practical knowledge and theoretical expertise.

Is your Master’s university in USA good enough to help your career?

Of course, in the end, what matters is from which university and college you have done your master’s degree. Make sure before applying, the university should fulfill the following list:

  • Do a master’s programs goes well with your future?
    From which country you are doing your PG? What value does currency of that country held in the job market?
  • Check out the faculty and curriculum, Are they matching the high standards?
  • What is the return on investment? In what time you will be reaching at a breakeven point?