Is it really difficult to get a job in Canada?

Finding a job is itself a task but it becomes challenging at new place or country. As a fresher or professional, you always have to start from scratch, when you are trying to build a career at a new place.Finding job demands determination, skills, understanding of the culture, and much on your communication skills that how easily you make contacts gel with people.

Canada is a developed nation and Canada itself has graduates in the field of arts, so you better have one that skill that will help you out stand the rest and if you are from other fields you have a head-start.In this article, we will discuss the difficulties and solution of finding jobs in Canada. Hopefully, you will not ask the same question Is it really difficult to get a job in Canada?

Is it really difficult to get a job in Canada?
Is it really difficult to get a job in Canada?

The reasons of difficulty in getting Job in Canada, especially with in few months of immigrating could possibly be these, depending on person to person-


How you are finding a job in Canada; have you done your homework?

Understand the difference between an active job search strategy and a passive one. Passive search means filing resume (the so-called generic resume) in hundreds of places and getting rejected from all. Be clear on one thing your resume is not being seen by human eyes. It’s being scanned by a machine – Application Tracking Systems”. So if your resume is not well matched to the job description, it is a waste. So now the question is how to do an active search?

  • First thing first build a strong and clean resume describing your set of skills. Clearly, state your objective and long term goals.
  • Study what the company wants and what you have to give to them. Prove them how you can be an asset to the organization.
  • Take help of social media built a strong profile on

Technical skills-Do these match requirements of Canadian Job market?

Competition seems to be everywhere, so if you don’t have unique skills to present before interviewer you probably will get rejected. If you are graduated in a coveted field or have the training or have unique experiences and skills that are in demand your chances of getting the job is maximum.

Your effort to understand the Canadian work culture- Do you have requisite soft skills required by Canadian Employer?

Soft skills are just as important as technical skills. As you higher in position, the more soft skills you need for Teamwork, Presentation skills, Leadership, Conflict Management, Time Management etc.So understanding the Canadian culture is a necessity.

Canada focuses on specialization. A company is not interested that you are an engineer, what they are interested in which field you have done your engineering and what special skill you are possessing.

In Canada, companies give more emphasis on accomplishments and experience than on education. It takes 6–7 seconds for the recruiter to scan a resume so describe all the skills and experience you have in your particular field cleanly.

 Fluency in the English Language:The way you speak and the way your present yourself- does it match Canadian culture?

The first thing an employer will see in you is your speaking we speaking of communication and networking for all that fluency in  English is the must. Knowing the language will increase your chances.

Diksha Garg

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