Pros and Cons of Moving to Australia

Many of the people have Australia as a country to settle in. With no doubts, Australia has lots to offer to its immigrants. Australian cities are often rated as most liveable cities. But it all depends on the personal perspective, a pro for one person can be a con for others. In this article, we will look the fuller picture of the country by rounding up the Pros and Cons of Moving to Australia.

Pros and Cons of Moving to Australia
Pros and Cons of Moving to Australia


Accommodation in Australia- For initial period one has to live in compact apartments

First and foremost factor that matters to a person moving to another country is accommodation. Accommodation in Australia varies with location as in the city you will find compact apartments and townhouses which offer easy access to everything. On the other hand away from the city, you will find space and sense of community.

PRO: Lots of choices to chose from –  real estate varies as per budget 

You will get an array of choices in the real estate throughout Australia depending on the person’s budget. Renting is also an option in Australia.

CON: Property in Australia is expensive; Well Prohibitively Expensive

On the other hand, purchasing a property in Australia will dig a hole in your pocket. Real estate law is the favor of sellers so there lots of competition between the sellers. Be prepared to spend a good amount on your home in Australia.

 Cost of living in Australia- One of the Most Expensive Cities in the World

Sydney in the recent years is named as one of the expensive cities to live in. Food, clothes, accommodation as we talked above is quite expensive.

PRO: High minimum wage and great standard of living in Australia- 

We can’t deny the fact that Australia is an expensive country to live in but with cost of living there comes high living standards and high minimum wage, so people living in Australia doesn’t feel heavy over their pockets.

CON: Groceries and utilities are expensive- Immigrants may face difficulty in initial years

Prices of daily routine products are high and for the newcomer in the country, it could be shocking.

Lifestyle and culture in Australia- Great Life style, Live life king size in Australia

Australia is a multicultural country, where people from different country come and accommodate in the country. The outdoor lifestyle of Australia is really encouraging as it allows people to come together and sports events are one way to communicate with the people.

PRO: Great climate and lots of sporting events

Australia has fresh air in springs, glorious summers, mild winters and rolling mist in autumns. Australia is a sporty country which hosts different sports events satisfying every sports fan. Running and cycling are popular ones, being mild winters you can run in winters too.

CON: Lack of activity in small towns

You will more cultural activities like ballet and opera in big cities like Sydney or Melbourne, not in rural areas. The football match is the main attraction on weekends in rural areas.

 Healthcare in Australia- Great Healthcare- One of the best in the world

Healthcare in Australia is for all whether you are a citizen or an immigrant resident. There are private health insurance and government subsidized health care programs.

PRO: Good quality public and private healthcare

Hospital are well equipped and serviced, most importantly both public and private health services are available for the immigrants.

CON: Private health insurance is expensive 

For some visa category, immigrants can’t go for Medicare- the government’s subsidized the program, they have to opt private health insurance that expensive.

Education and schools in Australia

As per your family situation you can choose public and private education in Australia. Both education systems are good and equipped good teaching staff.

PRO: Some reasonably priced schools and reputable universities

As far as public schools are considered they are reasonable in price with a wider range of activities for the students. This goes same for some of the Private schools which provide education at reasonable prices.

CON: High fees at private and international schools in Australia

Many of the private and international schools go with their reputation of being expensive. All thanks to the fierce competition private schooling is expensive for families who can’t pay high tuition fees.

Travelling and Transport in Australia

As Australia is a very large country, the popular means of transport between the states is by air. But in areas which are least populated commuting for them is difficult and expensive as buses and trains are less frequent or non-existent.

PRO: Great travel opportunities within Australia and good city transportation

One of the best attraction of Australia is its unspoiled natural environment. In Australia, you will find many traveling options thanks to its wildlife, tropical rainforest and snowy mountains. Urban transport in Australia is affordable as it includes trams, trains, buses, but it varies from city to city.

CON: Travelling to isolated places is difficult and journeys between cities can be long

As discussed above commuting between rural and isolated places is difficult and long. Moving between states is time-consuming and costly, unless and until you are traveling by air.



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