The fear of deportation is preventing the illegal US immigrants from visiting Medical clinics

The fear factor of deportation amongst the immigrants in Los Angeles is so rife at present that they are even reluctant to visit the Health Care Unit even for a regular medical checkup. The speculation was always there for the illegal US immigrants that the Trump administration would act against them very strongly as Mr. Trump propagated in his election campaign. But the action now has already become their nightmare and as result, even they are afraid to visit a medical clinic worrying that their personal documents will lead them to be caught and deported.

So Much is the fear of deportation among Immigrants that they do not visit Medical Clinics even during Emergency to avoid getting caught and deported

Worrying patients asking for their medical records

In recent days it is found that the patients in the Saint John’s Well Child and Family Centre in South Los Angeles have asked for the copies of their medical records. They even requested the doctors for extra medicines so that they can have a stockpile which will help them to avoid revisiting the medical center.

They are under the tremendous fear that they might be picked up on their way to the clinic and will be deported immediately by the authority. The same Fear Factor runs in the mind find they are on their way to take their kids to school or while visiting a departmental store.

But the most affecting factor is regarding their health issue as they are frequently canceling medical appointments as well as leaving public Healthcare program due to the speculation that their personal information might lead for their deportation by the Federal Government.

The continuous mode of anxiety has posed even serious mental health concern amongst the illegal US immigrants.

Amongst the Healthcare operating organizations, St. Johns is the one that treats maximum number of immigrants without having proper legal documents.But the people who are visiting the clinic are even afraid that their documents will be shared by the clinic with the authority and as result, they will be caught and deported. It only reflects the level of panic amongst the immigrants without having proper legal documents.

Massive cancellation of appointments by Undocumented Immigrants due to fear of raids after Trump took over the office


According to a worker of Saint John’s desk, there was a huge rush for cancellation of appointments among the illegal immigrants, after Donald Trump took over the office as the President of the United States. Since it was his declared stand against the illegal immigrants as he mentioned it quite frequently in his election campaign, the illegal US immigrants thought that their time is up and they are going to be caught now in the earliest. This huge fear factor led them to hide their documents from the authority in all possible way. They thought that, if they would go to the clinic, all their information and documents would be shared with the immigration office as they will be compelled to do so by the Trump administration. Therefore, they considered it better for them not to visit a doctor even while the badly needed it.

But the most unfortunate consequences of the situation was the impact on the health issues of the children of the immigrants. They badly need to come out from such unfortunate and inhuman situation.

Raima Sen

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