Simple Tips for Clearing the Green Card Interview Process

The applicants for Green Card, requiring permanent residence in U.S. must attend interview as per the requirement of U.S. government. Candidate staying abroad would be interviewed at a U.S. consulate. However those indulging in the process in U.S. would be interviewed at any office of USCIS (Citizenship and Immigration Services). This article will provide you Simple Tips for Clearing the Green Card Interview Process.

Simple Tips for Clearing the Green Card Interview Process
Simple Tips for Clearing the Green Card Interview Process

7 guidelines and how to pass the Green Card interview process is as follows:

  1. Provide evidence for any changes in your application – You can update along with the evidence; any recent changes that have occurred after you have submitted your application form. These changes would mean any change in address, name, or marital status, to ensure that applicants strictly qualify according to the rules of this permanent residence process.
  2. Double check your application before hand – Double check your forms and all documents attached for certified translations. Your interview will focus on your response to the immigration application questions so prepare your answers beforehand and this will also help to avoid any kind of doubts on the authenticity of your application.
  3. Be polite and calm throughout the interview – Since immigration officers are busy in taking interview throughout the day, hence they would appreciate if you do not take much of their time. If something has been misunderstood by the officer, stay calm and point out the facts in a polite manner. If you are unable to speak good English you can arrange for a legal professional interpretation service provider to make the immigration officer understand your view point clearly.
  4. Expect many personal questions in Marriage Based visa interviews – Marriage based Green Card applicants have to face the interview very carefully when they are questioned by the immigration officer. The officers  is entitled to ask any kind of questions related to circumstances of your first encounter, your first date, scars and birthmarks, names of extended family members etc, that are related to you and your spouse. The immigration officer will make a note of your mutual body language and small gestures while you are together like holding hands which might help you in getting you the easy visa, but over doing will give an unfavourable impression.

The immigrant officer can also plan separate interviews for both of you and then compare the answers to avoid fraud or might give a surprise visit to your home to verify the fact that you are living together.

  1. Don’t bend the truth – Never hide the truth from an immigration officer during your interview, as it might jeopardize your application. In case of change in details seek the assistance of an immigration lawyer if required. Answer the questions asked by the immigration officer precisely and to the point.
  2. Your attorney will prepare you –  Seek the help of an immigration attorney to guide you to prepare for a green card interview and make you understand the questions that you might face. He can also accompany you for the interview to clear any kind of confusion and safeguard your rights. On hiring an immigration attorney, it will become easy for you to navigate with confidence and seek the required guidelines.
  3. In case you fail the interview – Usually immigration applications are not out rightly rejected but if the officer is in doubt, you may be asked for the additional evidence. However if you fail in this too, then you can apply for this application by using an I-290B form. It is advisable to re-apply for your application with the help of a professional lawyer, so that this time you are sure that your application for immigration Green Card interview is preceded correctly.



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