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Do you want dual citizenship? Find out the facts to consider!

The subject matter of Citizenship has a very wide scope and consists of many different concepts, rules, regulations, conditions, and compliances varying from country to country. For instance, some countries allow citizenship by birth while some countries allow citizenship as per parents citizenship status, some countries provide freedom to their citizens while some countries ensure a strict disciplined policy for its citizens. Based on such rules, conditions and regulations pertaining to citizenship of various countries, many people belonging to one particular country might be interested in acquiring the citizenship of such other country which has exciting citizenship policies. But not many countries agree with the concept of dual citizenship, i.e. where a person is the citizen of two countries at the same time. This is because dual citizenship might create unwanted complications in the governing process and may also sow the seeds for fraudulent tendencies.

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But having said that, it is a truth that several people belonging to developing countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc. have a desire to frequently visit the developed countries like Australia, United States, United Kingdom, etc. Therefore, dual citizenship is a hot topic amongst the developing countries. Apart from the above mentioned voluntary desire to acquire dual citizenship, people may also be involuntarily forced into a situation requiring dual citizenship, such as, for instance, both parents have different citizenships, or the family has been migrated from another country due to unrest, or some other reason.

Which Countries Allow Dual Citizenship? Which Countries Do Not Allow Dual Citizenship?

As mentioned earlier, not many countries allow dual citizenship. The countries which allow it include Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Hungary, Portugal, etc. While countries which allow multiple citizenships but only on prior permission following due approval include Egypt, South Africa, Turkey and Germany. And countries like Pakistan and Spain allow dual citizenship on the condition that the second country can only be out of specific countries allowed by the Government.

On the other hand prominent countries like Austria, China, Japan, Czech Republic, India, Singapore, Netherlands, Mauritius, UAE, Mexico, Nepal, and many other countries, (i.e. all the others except above-mentioned ones), completely disallow multiple citizenships.

Ways to acquire dual citizenship

There are many ways and suggestions for you if you are interested in getting a citizenship in two countries. Following are some of the important noting points for you to remember :

  • Thoroughly study the citizenship laws of both the countries concerned in your dual citizenship If both countries allow it unconditionally, then you are set to go. But such case is true only in case of the United States and Canada.
  • You can also acquire dual citizenship if you are a citizen of a country in which you weren’t born and also if you haven’t exercised your citizenship in your birth country. This means that if you have acquired the citizenship of a country not by the virtue of birth, then you can go to the country of your birth and study if that country allows you dual citizenship.
  • In countries like Canada and USA which allow you unconditional citizenship by birth, you simply acquire multiple citizenships by applying for a passport and furnishing your birth certificate.
  • One more way of getting a dual citizenship is by getting a work visa to work in a foreign country. Certain countries provide you with a citizenship status if you are in the country on a work visa, like for instance Australia.
  • Certain countries provide you with citizenship if you are married to a citizen of that country, for instance, USA. But make sure you are not faking the marriage as the laws are extremely stringent and it is punishable


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