The true picture of visa verification process for Canada immigration

Canada is no doubt the dream destination of every individual who wishes to work abroad. This country attracts a number of immigrants throughout the year and it sits at the top of the list when it comes to the favourite job spots of immigrants. This country offers a bright future for every aspiring candidate who wants to settle down abroad.

The true picture of visa verification process for Canada immigration
The true picture of visa verification process for Canada immigration

In today’s post, we are going to discuss background checking, which is conducted by the visa officers with special care and cautiousness. You may have come across several people who have stated a number of ways in which document verification is conducted, but at the end of the day, you might have missed the true honest explanation.

Adjusting the documents and making the changes to fit the visa criteria is something very common. Here, we will discuss how the document checking is done as well as how the entire visa verification process is carried out.

Hiring a professional to help you in verifying References

Firstly, make sure that you hire the service of professional and not just fill the documents yourself. If you do so, there is huge chance that it may get rejected due to a number of reasons. I would like to highlight the fact that all the details you enter should be completely true. It includes your present income economic situation, bank details and other important criteria. Please remember, that the end of the day the visa verification officers will check the history that you have entered and ensure that all the details are completely true. If they detect the slightest hint of fraudulence, your visa application will get directly rejected.

Employer details- Ensure its correctness to get Canada Visa processed faster

Now let’s talk about the employer details that you need to give in the documents. Make sure you enter the employer’s number and address correctly, which include the office address, headquarters details etc. Always remember that the visa verification officers will double check the details provided by you. They will not only compare it with the original details provided by the company on their own website, but may also call on the number provided by you to ensure that it is not vague and you are actually being appointed as the company’s employee. It is important to keep in mind that the visa officers make use of open sources, which makes the visa verification work easier for them. They can easily verify the details as well other sources provided by you.

AFU or anti-fraud unit in Canada Immigration 

And every visa office in this world that is working in the equation has AFU or anti-fraud unit. Basically, this unit consists of a set of officers who work for visa officers to verify the details that are provided by the visa applicants. They are trained professionals who are taught to work in a specific country, understanding the cultural and economic conditions of that particular zone. If the visa officers doubt that references provided by you are vague, then they may get in touch with the anti-fraud unit to further verify the references.

How can the officers detect fraudulent Immigration to Canada cases?

Sometimes it so happened that the applicants use wrong employment details to get the working visa. Recently, the cases of fraud working visa applications have increased tremendously. For instance, if you provide the number of your friend as the employer, then there is a hundred percent chance that it can be detected by the anti-fraud unit. Being professionals they know how to question the person on the other side, which will help them to make out whether the work details are true or not. They will make a telephone call on the number given by you, but it will be a complicated call which will be tailor-made to ensure that the actual truth comes out. They will ask complicated questions and if the person on the other end fails to reply properly, it will hardly take a few minutes for them to disclose the truth. Basically, the questions will include the last time you talked to the person, the post he is chosen for, work duration, instant picture of the office room, etc.

Actual site visit in Canada and interview with the employer

In case the officers are not satisfied, they even go for the actual site visit. And this is something which happens quite often nowadays because of the increasing number of fraudulent cases. They may prefer to go to the office and conduct face to face interview with the employer.

At the end of the day, I would suggest that you go for using the actual details, which minimizes the chance of rejection. If you fill the documents honestly, then there is 95 percent chance that you will get the visa quickly. There is no use of entering wrong details because the visa verification process has become stricter than ever. And there is hardly any chance that a fraudulent visa application gets passed under the strict supervision of the visa officers.

Raima Sen

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