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The Premier announces new online immigration application system for the British Virgin Islands

The Immigration Department of The British Virgin Islands is now on developing a process of online immigration application for the entry permit of the land in accordance with a recent announcement of the country’s premier Dr. D Orlando Smith. According to him, this development of the online application process will make the permit mechanism of the immigration department more efficient and time-saving.

It will enable the employer to send their entry permit application directly to the immigration department. The companies, who are looking for the permit for their employees having all the required documents for the employees, can send directly to the Immigration Department.

The real  vision and mission- to enhance tourism in Canada and provide easy settlement of immigrants in Canada

The real vision behind making the process more efficient and effective is to provide exceptional,  internationally recognized service to the public with a high standard of professionalism for promoting travel, tourism,  along with meeting developmental needs.

The main objective of the department is to build a stronger and better BVI,  and thus enhance security and prosperity.They are committed to ensuring for responding to the needs of their customers, in the most respectful, polite and as well as, effective manner. 

The core values adopted by the Virgin Islands to help settle immigrants 

The department is motivated to deliver impartial, courteous and effective services to their customers. Impartiality along with honesty and integrity are their highly pursuing principal. They are committed to deal with each of the applicants with highest dignity and respect.

They are keen to recognize Their employees for excellent service with official commendations.

The authority is committed to looking after the employees need and develop trust and harmony For developing a team with high morale and dedication to the public.

Thus, they are committed to set an example and to be the role model for other immigration services all over the world.

Seeking committed volunteers to help Immigrants to Canada

According to the announcement of the Premiere Dr. D Orlando Smith, The organizations,  who are responsible for a good number of volunteers can submit volunteer applications to the Road Town-based facility.  They are to write to the chief immigration officer mentioning the name of the parent organization, at the time of the arrival of the persons in the territory and to state for the duration of their stay. The immigration department will facilitate the request after considering all the mentioned information.

The main thing is to look after those persons who are compelled to stand in long lines in order to have their immigration documents processed. They are mostly the expatriate workers gathered around after the deadly and devastating hurricanes occurred. 

About the process of Immigrating to Canada

First, the employers or the agents need to fill in the online immigration application form neatly and flawlessly. After that, they are to submit it to the Labour Departments along with all the required documents.They are now to wait for the response of the concerned authority.

Among the supporting documents, they are to submit one plus two passport size photographs. They also need to submit a cover letter duly signed by the employer requesting the work permit application job description.

The fees will be charged on the basis of the employee’s salary.



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