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Top Immigration Scams That You Should Know When Migrating to Canada

Immigration scams are rampantly increasing in numbers in the whole world and Canada is not an exception in this regard. The country is known to be a friendly place immigrant as well as refugees. It has a simple process for immigration in offering to the people who want to move to this country from other parts of this world. However, problems are faced by people due to scammers. A lot of strict measures from the Canadian government, but scamming activities regarding immigration process are not eliminated completely yet.

Top Immigration Scams That You Should Know When Migrating to Canada
Top Immigration Scams That You Should Know When Migrating to Canada

In the following section, you shall find top five immigration scams. Knowing them would help you to avoid them.

Fraud Phone Calls- inviting you to Immigrate to Canada

A lot of people have complained that they have received fraud phone call for immigration to Canada. Callers tell that they are calling from Immigration center of Canada and then they ask to make a certain amount of payment to a certain bank account. In such cases, one needs to keep the following things in mind:

  • Immigration office of Canada does not ask for any money over the phone.
  • Applicants would hardly get a phone. You may get call in some rare cases but no one shall ask for any payments. It would b a simple verification phone call.
  • No payment is required before granting permission for immigration.
  • It is also to be noted that basic personal details or any other sort of personal details are not verified over phone.
  • You should not share bank account details, credit card and check book numbers with anyone over the phone.

Fraud Emails- that make immigration to Canada as easy as Cakewalk

Similar to fraud calls, many people come across fraud emails that claims to provide you instant migration in exchange of some amount. There could be many other luring yet unrealistic promises. One should not fall for these traps as they are completely mischievous. When you get such emails, you can do the following things:

  • You should not send any virtual copies of your identity documents.
  • You should not send your credit card numbers, bank account details screenshots and any other crucial as well as confidential information.
  • Do not make any payment for claim of instant immigration approval, as instant approval is certainly impossible.

Fake Immigration Website- that make you believe that Immigration is as easy as breaking peanut

Those, who are seeking to migrate to Canada, may look for quality information regarding migration process. When doing such thing, you may come across websites that promote scamming activities.  You need to visit official web portal of Immigration Department of Canada. Here you shall obtain all essential and useful information.


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