BioTalent Canada Introduces BioReady Paid Internship Program to Promote Industry Growth

The Canadian Biotech Companies have introduced a BioReady Paid Internship program to employ internationally educated professionals and promote industrial growth through diversity. The new wage subsidy pilot project introduced by BioTalent Canada helps to hire 35  internationally educated professionals (IEP) in the next 2 years.

BioTalent Canada Introduces BioReady Paid Internship Program to Promote Industry Growth
BioTalent Canada Introduces BioReady Paid Internship Program to Promote Industry Growth

The Foreign Credentials Recognition Program (FCRP) of Canada provides a funding of $479,000 to support this program. The wage subsidy pilot program helps highly skilled professionals to get professional work experience in Canada. Another batch of 50 IEPs will also benefit from this project and get the BioReady designation.

The BioTalent Canada has designed Bio Skills Recognition Program to match the skills of individuals to one of the thirty-two Canadian Industry approved skills profiles through online mode. A talented Canadian Industry Professional is assigned the task of verifying the skills of individuals. The individuals, who are matching the skill profile set by the Canadian Industry, is given the designation of BioReady.

The individuals, who are Bio Ready designated, will get a new job easily in Canada and promote the growth of Canadian Industry. It is highly beneficial for health professionals to find an alternative job in Canada after getting the license for a pharmacist or medical professions. It offers a new path for individuals to utilize their science skills in Canada.

The 24-month pilot project is one of the new initiatives undertaken to eliminate the gaps and barriers being faced by the newcomers in getting a long-term and meaningful employment in their respective field. The pilot project also shows the evidence of how effective are these interventions to help highly talented professionals to get the right job.

Almost 250 of the internationally educated professionals, who took part in the BioSkills Recognition Program of Canada between July 2015 and February 2017, have biotechnology working experience before immigrating to the nation. Only one-third of them are working the bioeconomy field.

The BioTalent Canada intends to address the following recommendations in the report:

  • The IEPs need to be recognized as experienced and talented.
  • The bioeconomy should have access to the prescreening methodology of candidates.

According to the Chief Executive Officer and President of BioTalent Canada, Mr. Rob Henderson, the hiring managers are often overlooking the skills of IEPs though they have required skills for the bio-economy. The new subsidy program will help the employers seek the services of IEPs, who are BioReady Designated, and create diverse workforce. It offers an opportunity for the employers to tap the new talent of IEPs.


Raima Sen

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