Applying for a Temporary Resident Visa in Canada – Clear Your Doubts First

Visiting a relative or friend in Canada is not so easy. You should satisfy all the requirements to get a Temporary Resident Visa to Canada. It is suggested to read all the terms and conditions and you need provide the necessary evidence to get a Canadian Visa.


The Canadians can visit most of the nations worldwide almost without a Visa. Even if they require a Visitor’s Visa, it is relatively easy to obtain in a short span of time. However, the same is not true for foreigners desiring to visit their friends, family members and friends in Canada.

How to Get a Temporary Resident Visa in Canada?

The applicants seeking a Temporary Resident Visa in Canada should ensure that all the forms for the Visa are filled in correctly and all the necessary documents are in order. The applicant should be able to satisfy the immigration official that you will leave the country by the end of the Visa end period.

You can convince an immigration official that you have an employment in your own country. It is suggested to provide the employment certificate to prove that you will go back to your own nation at the end of the Visa period.

The next thing is that you can show the ownership proof of an immovable property in your own country to improve the chance of getting a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa. You can provide a copy of the title deed to prove the ownership.

You can show the correct address of your friend or relative in Canada and where you will stay in Canada to an immigration official. It helps to get a TRV with ease. Despite this, some immigration officials may not get convinced that you will not overstay after the Visa period in Canada.

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You should be able to show the bank balance statement to immigration officials that you can pay for the return flight ticket to your nation. You should also be healthy and free from diseases. It is suggested to provide a medical certificate from a competent medical professional to prove that you are healthy.

When can the Visa gets rejected?

The immigration officials may reject the applications for Temporary Resident Visa if you are from an impoverished country or from a banned nation.

You should convince the immigration officials about your bond to the home nation. For example, you can show a proof of your kids and wife staying in the own nation.

If the previous application for a Temporary Resident Visa was rejected, then your chances of getting a TRV are bleak.

Therefore, it is suggested to read all the terms and conditions of the TRV and fill in the form correctly to get a Visa to Canada.