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Immigration Rules and Regulations for US and Canada – Things You Need to Know Before Entering These Countries

When we talk about the Canada and US border, it is the longest border in the world and is marked by an imaginary and thin line that separates the two countries. The immigration agents on both the borders ensure the proper enforcement of the rules and regulations across the border when an immigrant enters the country. However, these rules are subject to changes on a frequent basis. Here we are going to render you with some information on points to remember on Immigration Rules and Regulations for US and Canada.

Immigration Rules and Regulations for US and Canada

Always Carry Your Identifications Documents


If you are traveling by airplane, then the passport is a necessary document. And in case you are driving to the country, then it is crucial to have the ID proofs to show your identity at the custom check points. It is equally essential to carry the citizenship proofs, in case you are traveling with your kids.

If you have a criminal record, then the border security agents would not hesitate to turn you away. Hence, it is paramount to clean your records by hiring a good attorney.

Immigration Rules and Regulations for US and Canada


  • Forbidden Items that should be Avoided While Entering either Country


There are several restricted items that customs agencies forbid you to bring to their country. Some of these are

  • Weapons and Firearms
  • Live Bait
  • Fish
  • Meat, etc.


  • Taking Food Items and Similar Stuff across the Frontier

The directives to bring any item to the country, primarily depend upon the item itself along with the country you are entering. Make sure that the food items you are carrying are labeled and have legible packaging. It is also important that the language on the packaging of these things should be understood by the agents in the customs departments.

  • Bringing Vehicles across the Border

It is recommended to ship the vehicles to the US through a professional automobile shipping agency as these companies are acquainted with all the customs regulations, duties and other essential formalities that need to be fulfilled while bringing the vehicle to the country.

Otherwise, if you are driving the vehicle, then ensure all the personal and environmental safety measures are taken care of, as per the regulations of the country you are entering. Do not forget to keep all the related documents for the customs checks.

  • Carrying Pets across the Border

Mostly when you bring one or more pets such as cat or dog across the border, it is allowed. However, small animals such are hamster may create a problem regarding entering either of the countries. Below are the situations that you should avoid as they may create problems for you to enter anyone of the countries.

  • Carrying a cat or dog older than three months without the rabies vaccination certification
  • Taking 3-4 animals that are too young to get any vaccination
  • Bringing exotic animals, invertebrates, amphibians or reptiles to the country
  • Carrying endangers species of birds or any other animal
  • The pet is not looking either healthy or properly nourished
  • Your pet is showing the symptoms of distemper


  • Information on Duty-Free Items


It is critical to keep the receipt of all the articles that have been bought on the way before entering any of the countries mentioned above. It is important to declare all the items you are carrying with you. There are certain duty-free goods, which include mostly the personal items that you are bringing to the country you are migrating to. However, for new or over the limit items, a fine or duty fee can be charged.

  • Carrying Jewelry, Expensive Ornaments and Other Valuable Items

It is always advised to keep the bills of all the expensive items that you carry with you along with the pictures of each valuable.


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