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Planning for a student visa? Read to know about the rejection causes

When you are waiting all the while to get your student visa, then suddenly you come to know about the devastating news that it has been canceled. A lot of energy and time need to be invested in preparing oneself to appear in the visa interview. Admission in US, UK and Germany is quite competitive. In short, it can be explained that if there is one reason for visa approval, then there are hundreds of reasons for rejection. Students have to work hard to clear the interview test.

Factors that contribute to Student visa rejection.

Is there any need of professionals of your trade in country where you applied?

Just like any other developed country, Germany, United States and Canada need workers from all across the world. The visa selection depends on a number of factors. If you have applied for the country as well as the state where there is high demand for professionals, then you can easily get the visa. On the other hand, if there is no such requirement and enough employees are available, then your visa permission can get canceled.

The 5 minutes Visa interview matters a lot

Document fraud has become quite common and so immigration officials prefer not to focus much on the submitted documents. They solely make the decision on the basis of the interview given by the candidates. This enables them to take the right decision as nothing can matter more than the merit of the candidates. In fact, this can also help them to scrutinize that whether the information provided in the documents are completely true or not. This does not mean that the documents submitted do not carry any value. Of course, they do! In fact, a whole team comprising of 15-20 members are involved in scrutinizing the applications so that the judgment is done properly.

The need for background check while deciding on Immigration Application 

The Background check is a must and this is the reason why the application needs to be submitted in advance. With the increasing documentation fraud, the time taken for background check has been recently increased.

Immigrating on Skill Based Category?- Importance of having good academic results

Your studying capability will also be taken into account while deciding whether you are the eligible candidate for granting the visa or not. As we all know that the education system in German is the toughest of all. You can even witness science and engineering students dropping out in the first year itself. You need to have rigorous academic standards to be considered eligible for the student visa in Germany. It is quite difficult to get a student visa if your academic background is not strong, but it can be considered in the case of countries like Canada, US etc.

Lack of financial strength- Host Country expects Richer Immigrants unless you have a unique skill set

It is a true fact, that the tuition fees and the money need for survival are quite high in foreign countries. So, you need to be financially sound to support yourself in foreign countries. But, due to lack of sound financial strength, many visas are canceled. In fact, some of the common reasons behind this visa cancellation factor are the lack of finance can force students to become criminals, poor concentration in studies etc.

Above, we have discussed some of the common reasons why student visas are canceled. But, there are many other uncountable reasons behind visa cancellation.


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