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9 Skills you need to possess to get a job as an immigrant in Canada at Double Quick Speed

It is really tough on an immigrant to arrive and settle in a foreign land. It is even harder for him/her to get a job in the alien land. Going from one job interview to the other, and failing is not something that an immigrant should suffer from. So, stop and think for a moment why are you failing to get a job as an immigrant?

Failing to get a job a job as an immigrant again and again - Follow these steps and bag a job easily
Failing to get a job a job as an immigrant again and again – Follow these steps and bag a job easily

As most interviewer would say, you are not prepared enough for the interview and thus, for the job. What you need is some guidance to prepare for the interview and subsequently for the job.

Skills you must poses to get a job fast in Canadian Marketplace

Experts have calculated 9 specific skills that any immigrant should pose to survive in a foreign land and stop failing to get a job a job as an immigrant. These skills will help you to get around in the workplace. They are:

Good Communication Skills- Either in English or in French especially if you are in Quebec

Having good communication skill is always important. As the two languages prominent in Canada are English and French, knowledge of any of them will give you a possible advantage. Your ability to communicate both verbally and non-verbally decides your success quotient.

Proficiency in Local Language / colloquial jargon

Local language does not attest to the ABCs of the language but to the colloquial jargon, business or corporate terminologies, local phrases and so much more.

Worthy Presentation Skills to convey your point accurately and swiftly- Canadian employers love it

Being an immigrant may make you feel out of the place. It is common psychology. So it is important that you present yourself with confidence and fluency, just to grab the attention of your listeners

 Know Your Small Talk- Be Brief and hit nail on head

Many immigrants may feel reluctant to make the first move in a conversation, as they are not culturally derived into the particular society. The more quickly you will be able to get over your shyness, the more quickly you will be able to mix with the society and the people around you.

Good Leadership and Initiative- shed your shy behavior

Feeling alien in a new land is extremely common. This leads to your shy and awkward attitude, which ultimately becomes a factor for not getting promoted. Overcome that; and take initiatives in the workplace, to make your presence felt.

Handle Conflict Resolution and Negotiations

Be open to new ideas and learn how to handle disagreements with your colleagues or your boss without getting emotional or rude. Most importantly, learn how and when to apologize.

Learn to Accept Constructive Criticism- will help you learn at Work place

It can be difficult to hear employer’s or colleague’s criticism of your work. A smart employee will never fight back. Handle the criticism with calm and remember that there is always something to learn.

Being Flexible in your attitude, no one in Canada would like to have stubborn colleagues 

You won’t be able to handle criticism, until or unless you are flexible.  Once you are open to new ideas and changes, there is no one to stop your success.

Possess a Good Business Etiquette- Dress formally and neatly

This includes – eye contact, handshake, manners, physical appearance, smiling, etc. these elements are vital to create a good first impression, and as they say, a good first impression goes a long way.

You have made a powerful decision to immigrate to Canada, you are strong already. Now, with these skills you will be able to land your dream job in no time.

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