Global Skills Strategy Program Gives Great Opportunity To IT professionals to Immigrate to Canada

With an already existing flexible Visa program, Canada is on the verge of making it even more flexible and faster. So if you are an IT professional then no need to worry about your visa especially at a time when the system is becoming stricter, Canada is opening doors to all. With Global Skills Strategy Program, IT professional can look forward to great opportunity to immigrate to Canada

Global Skills Strategy
apply for Global Skills Strategy program and get quick entry to Canada

Global Skills Strategy- What is this new program- How does it help IT professionals?

On 12th June, the Global Skills Strategy has been launched by Canada. The only aim of this program is to attract more and more talented professionals from various countries and in a much faster process. Talented professionals mean faster growth of the companies. Thus, economic growth will increase by many folds and middle-class jobs will see a new dawn. Work permits are supposed to be processed within two weeks which took much longer before.

When the time comes, temporary resident visas would also be given in a short span of time. Spouses will get their open work permits within a two weeks time span and so is the case for dependents applying for their study permits. This program was introduced for the first time in the month of November in 2016.

Who is eligible for the Global Skills Strategy program for Immigrating to Canada?

Not everyone can apply for the Global Skills Strategy Program as there are some eligibility criteria for it. So, for your convenience, the criteria are listed below.

There are basically two methods in which you make yourself eligible for a faster entry ticket to Canada.

  1. Firstly you must not be included in the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process. But this is not the end. In addition to this, the job that you are doing or are involved in must fall under the skill type 0, which is the managerial category, or it must under the skill type A, which is the professional category. This skill type classification is according to the National Occupational Classification (NOC). Apart from this the work permit must be strictly employer specific. Your employer should have applied for the employment in the mentioned process. This mentioned process includes applying through the Employer Portal and also paying the employer compliance fee.
  2. Secondly, your employer should be in possession of a positive LMIA. This LMIA must be as specified, that is, through the Global Talent Stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker program.

Spouses and dependents can also apply through this program and their applications will be processed at the same time provided they applied at the same time as their partner.

What is the process of the Global Skills Strategy program for Canadian Immigration?

The process of applying to the Global Skills Strategy Program involves you to place your application from outside of Canada. The application must be made online. The application that you submit must be complete otherwise it will be rejected. Moreover, you must fall under the Global Talent Stream. But the processing takes more than two weeks if your application is not complete or you have submitted the application as a hardcopy.

So with the introduction of this two-week process, doors have been made open to the most talented ones around the world to start their life anew in Canada.

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