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Medical Issues May Cause Inadmissibility of the Canadian Immigrants

All the individuals who apply for the immigration visa and temporary resident status in Canada need to get the medical examination done under the supervision of the medical officer as Medical Issues May Cause Inadmissibility of the Canadian Immigrants.

While most medical tests are usually limited to the physical tests and checkups such as x-ray, blood test, urine test, etc., but here applicant’s mental state and earlier medical records are also checked.

Medical Issues May Cause Inadmissibility of the Canadian Immigrants
Medical Issues May Cause Inadmissibility of the Canadian Immigrants

Medical Issues May Cause Inadmissibility of the Canadian Immigrants

The applications of the candidates with health issues may be denied on the medical grounds and may be rejected for the Immigration to Canada or Permanent Resident Visa, if

  •    Any individual’s medical condition may jeopardize the safety or health of the population of Canada substantially, or
  •    Their entry might profusely demand existing health and social services that are made available by the government to the general public.*

*However the excessive demand of medical aids part is suspended under the ‘Family Sponsorship’ section of the Canada immigration for the common-law partner, spouse, dependent children of the sponsor, and the conjugal partner. On the contrary, the sponsored individual may still be denied the entry to Canada, if their medical condition is supposed to be risky for the health or safety of the Canadian population.

While deciding whether any individual is inadmissible on the medical basis, the medical officer is bound to analyze the severity, nature, as well as possible continuance of any medical impairment from which the person is suffering along with various other circumstances, such as:

  1.    Risk of contamination;
  2.    Inconstant or extreme behavior that may be a threat to civil safety; and
  3.    The amount of social or health aids that the individual with health issues may need in Canada and case, it would, in any way, might withhold the Canadian Nationals to use these services.

The medical officer then sends a copy of all the medical examination result records (excluding x-ray copy) along with the Medical Notification and his view to the immigration or visa department.

Failure to meet the designated Health Standards may lead to disqualification in Medical Tests for Immigration to Canada

And in case, the medical condition of the candidate or any of his family members is not able to meet the requirements of the Canadian immigration, the immigration or visa officer will notify the primary applicant of the medical examination outcome through the utilization of the Procedural Fairness Letter – medical refusals model.

After the conversation with the immigration officer, the applicant must respond within 60 days of the delivery of the above mentioned medical notification letter.

The Applicant for Immigration must respond to the medical test to ensure his application for Immigration is not rejected

Then the migration department will forward the latest information given by the applicant to the proper medical officer. And in case, the applicant fails to respond and provide the required information within the mentioned period, then the visa application of that applicant will be rejected.

On the other hand, under several circumstances, an applicant who does not pass the medical examination or fulfill the Canadian medical requirements may be permitted a TRP (Temporary Resident Permit) to be admissible to the country.

The Candidate who applies for the Immigration or Permanent Resident Visa must:

  1. supply every addition information or documentation that is asked by the immigration officer in relevance to their application,
  2.    make all the payments related to the medical expenses charged by the doctor, or consultant so that they can submit the proper documentation,
  3.    revert to immigration department within the assigned period

If the candidate delivers all the latest information within the 60 days term that can challenge the judgment of the medical officer, or/and submits the mitigation plan, then the medical superintendent would require to analyze and evaluate the new information under Procedural Fairness. He may either stick to his initial opinion or withdraw the initial medical opinion and re-assess the process to create a new report.

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