Now having a Child and knowledge of French can help you get immigration to Canada faster under Express Entry Stream- Find out How?

Handling and managing immigration application for most of its economic immigrant programs like, Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades and Canadian Experience, is a complicated job. Canada has implemented its newest Canada Express Entry program for its management. The Express Entry Program encourages you to create an online profile, based on which your immigration procedures will be decided. Recently, the federal Immigration Department has changed its express entry system to provide more points to any immigrant applicant who already has a sibling in Canadian and for those who have strong French-language skills.

Changes to Canada Express Entry Program- Applicants with Siblings would get additional weightage
Changes to Canada Express Entry Program- Applicants with Siblings would get additional weightage

Changes to Canada Express Entry Program- Applicants with Siblings would get additional weightage

The immigration department has said that the new rules will help support the integration and credibility of skilled workers, who will contribute towards the growth, vitality and prosperity of Canada. The department has cited studies that show that immigrants with siblings, who already are Canadian citizens, integrate quickly within the new environment. The programs that are managed through the Express Entry system are designed specifically to attract skilled workers and former students, who want to live in Canada permanently; and whose experience, knowledge and quality will contribute to the growth of Canada.

How to boost points for the express entry program with help of a child and knowledge of French Language?

The Express Entry program works in a certain procedure. To get into the program you have to fulfill the provided criteria, based on which you get points. You get additional points if you:

  • have at least one sibling who lives in Canada and has a permanent resident card or holds the citizenship
  • have strong French-language skills
  • create a Job Match account with Job Bank, however, this is optional now

Steps to follow for the express entry program

The Express Entry system has two steps:

  1. The potential candidate must complete an online Express Entry profile

Using their online Express Entry profile, the potential candidate will have to provide vital information about their:

  • Skills,
  • Work experiences,
  • Language abilities,
  • Education qualifications and
  • Any other information that will help in assessing them.

Those who qualify for any of the federal economic immigrant programs will be included in the pool of candidates.

  1. Candidates will be invited to apply for permanent residence based on a ranking system

The candidates in the pool will be ranked on a point based system called a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The points are awarded based on the information that the candidate will provide in their online profile. You can get more points if

  • You have a job offer, and/or
  • You have a nomination from a province or a territory, and/or
  • You have the required skills and experience, and/or
  • You have a qualifying education in Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) invites the highest ranking candidate from the Express Entry candidate pool to apply for permanent residence in Canada. So, it is necessary that you rank higher in the pooling system to qualify. Once a candidate is invited to apply for permanent residence, based on his online profile and points, he/she will get 90 days to submit an online application for the same.

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