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Looking for a job in Canada, and not aware of the Canadian style resume format?

If you want a job in Canada, it is always better to have a Canadian-style resume or Curriculum Vitae. It may help you search a job quickly. There are various formats for a Canadian resume. However, the standard of the CV is always same, and today, we are going to explain you about these Canadian style resume Format for faster hiring by Canadian Employer.

Canadian Style Resume Format
Example of Canadian style resume Format for faster hiring by Canadian Employer

Canadian style resume format – that can get you hired faster in Canada

Your Resume Should Be Short and Precise- Canadian employer would love short and crisp resumes

Add crisp information to your resume as Canadian style of resume has usually two pages. And in case you do not have experience and you have just finished your education, then make it a one-page resume.

Change Your Resume for Every Job- Don’t make Generalized Resumes

As per various employment consultants and experts, you should modify your resume for every job. The last post should be mentioned at the beginning of the resume. Try to make it impressive as generalized CVs are not considered valuable in the competitive era.

Emphasis on your qualifications, skill sets and achievements as people may be reading it the first time and that too for a minute or so.

Mention about Your Volunteer Work in Canada, If Any, in your Resume

If you have any experience in any non-profit organization, then do mention it, irrespective of the salary or money involved.

Role of Social Media- your Social Media Profile can help you get hired faster in Canadian Job market

Nowadays employers check your references online. Update your resume on your Linkedin profile also, as this networking site is well known for business connections.

Also, block the public accessibility on your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook. Employers these days cross check the references anywhere, and we are sure you do not want them to show your personal side.

Ideas for Formatting the Resume that appeals to Canadian Employers 

The format of the resume also plays a significant role in catching the attention of the employer. Keep the formatting consistent, clear, organized, and to the point, highlighting all the essential details. This shows your attention for details.

Use various headings to display the information in your résumé. The trending titles of Canadian resume are


    Professional Experience, and


Ensure that your resume is properly formatted and looks professional. Add bullet points and highlight the main criteria.

Include Suitable Keywords to mention your skills in the Resumes before sending to employer in Canada

Using keywords in your résumé is crucial. Management does not read the complete résumé. Keywords define your qualifications and skill sets in just a few words. Hence, improve your résumé by adding various keywords. However, do not try to structure experiences, simply the keywords.

Check again for Faults- let any mistakes not creep in before Resume is shared with any employer in Canada

Make sure you check your resume after you complete it. Check the dates, company names and other important information for accuracy.

Two Important Types of Resume

In Canada, generally two types of resume are popular:

    Functional, and


Functional Résumé

A functional resume is based on the qualifications and the skill sets of a person. The functional resume is perfect for individuals who are either fresh graduates or shifting to another company for better career options.

Chronological Résumé

It is a time-based resume, and the job positions are arranged according to time, e.g., the recent employer will be at first place. These CVs are perfect for people with a lot of experience. It is also a superb option for individuals who have a gap in between jobs.

Make a well-designed resume and print the copy (preferably pdf format, so it remains as such), and you are ready to rock!

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