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Can I apply for the Caregiver Program for Canada? Am I eligible for it?

Do you want a permanent residence in Canada after you have worked for 2 years as a caregiver? Yes, you can get a permanent residence on such grounds. The Government of Canada has a Caregiver Program for Canada meant specifically for the caregivers to get permanent residence. But it also has some eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled.

Caregiver Program for Canada
How to Immigrate to Canada under Caregiver Program for Canada

Who Can apply for Caregiver Program for Canada?

The foreign nationals who have come to Canada seeking the job as a caregiver who is skilled in the work can apply for the caregiver Program for Canada and get Immigration. Semi-skilled workers can also apply for the program. The employer for which you were working in Alberta must provide you with a Labor Market Impact Assessment that has a positive statement. This should be accompanied by a written contract.

Procedure for applying for the Caregiver Program in Canada

After you have served in Canada for two years as a caregiver, you will have the opportunity of applying for permanent residency under the Caregiver Program. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Taking care of children

To apply for permanent residency you must have worked full-time to provide child care for at least 24 months out of 48 months of stay. In this context full-time means, you have to work for at least 30 hours of a week against a fixed payment.

In the course of your employment, breaks or leaves are allowed. However, if you had any experience as a full-time student, then it would not be counted in this caregiver program. Also, your specifications must match that of National Occupational Classification (NOC) Group 4411 of Canada.

Any foster parents are not allowed to apply for the caregiver program. You must also provide a proper proof stating that you were good with your responsibilities and that you did most of the important duties.

You must also have the experience to take care of children who are under the age of 18 whether in your own home or the home of your employer. However, the most important criterion is to meet the qualifications of the NOC.

  • Taking care of those with high medical needs

You must have done the jobs that are mentioned here to be able to apply for permanent residency under the Caregivers Program. You should have worked as a full-time registered nurse or a psychiatric nurse, practical nurse with a proper license, patient service associates, home support workers and so on for at least 24 months.

Apart from the jobs that are mentioned here, there are other jobs but those should be mentioned in Canadian National Occupational Classification. You would also have to undergo a language test from a preferred agency to test your language skills in English or French.

Also, you have to provide the original results when you apply for permanent residency and the results should not be too old. The results should be dated at the most within 2 years from the date of your application.

  • Previous experience in the Live-in Caregivers Program

The Live-in Caregivers Program is the one in which you had experience in giving care to the disabled persons in their respective residence.

So, if you have any of the above experiences in Canada for at least 24 months then you can apply for the permanent residency under Caregivers Program.

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