What if you are caught working illegally in Canada? Who is an illegal worker?

The consequences that one has to face because of working illegally in Canada is out in the newspapers and various advertisements but still, it is being done in wide numbers. Everyone is aware that it is completely against the law but still people end up becoming an illegal worker. They state the reason as that they were in dire need of money. But there are so many ways of earning it. So why do it in the wrong way? First of all, everyone should know what does it mean to become an illegal worker. It simple means to do the job even when you do not have any authorization from the government to do it. So, finally, What if you are caught working illegally in Canada? Would you be deported? Do you have right to appeal? Would you be allowed entry again in Canada?


What if you are caught working illegally in Canada? Is there any Way forward for you?
What if you are caught working illegally in Canada? Is there any Way forward for you?


These are things you must know about working illegally in Canada:

  • Working without authorization is by all means illegal

If you do not have the work permit but still you are doing the job then you must know one thing – and that is, whatever you are doing is completely illegal. Any foreign national cannot work if he or she does not have a work permit. If that foreign national is still doing the job without the permit or his permit has expired or maybe he has shifted to a new job without proper authorization, then that person is directly going against the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

  • Consequences if you are Caught working illegally in Canada

You will have to face very grim consequences when you are caught doing working illegally. The Immigration and Refugee Board’s Immigration Division will hold a hearing where you will be testified. The Immigration Division is the one who decides whether you have really worked against the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. If you are found guilty, then the authorities will declare you inadmissible to the country.

You can be deported- An exclusion order will be published in your name and you would not be able to come back to Canada for at least one or two years at the least.

  • Denying the blame for working illegally in Canada will not work out to help you

If you are planning to deny the blame put on you, then know it beforehand that it will not work. If you are planning that you will say you did not know about the law that would not work too. This is because the authorities can blame you regardless of the fact that you knew the law or not. Immigration rules are very stern and if you do not have a work permit you are bound to be testified.

  • What if an Employer in Canada hires undocumented workers

For those who hire undocumented workers, strict rules have been made for them too. It is true that no one pays heed to work permits in busy restaurants or in construction sites but if caught there are penalties which are no less grim. You have to pay a penalty up to 50 thousand dollars or you can also be put into jail for at least 2 years. The Canada Border Service Agency along with the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship looks after these matters. They are very efficient and search for the people who work illegally without permits.

When you are in a completely new and unknown country, it is true that you will need money and it is difficult to spend your initial days. But earning money without proper authorization can make your life even worse.

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