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Simple Tips for Applying for Canada Tourist Visa

Are you an Indian and planning to apply for Canada Tourist Visa? If the answer is yes, then there must be hundred questions on your mind like how to go about it or what are the criteria for filling an application form? 

Well, this article is just for you. Read on and find out the simple points that you need to keep in mind for the successful completion of the process. 

How to Apply Canada Tourist Visa and get it Approved?
How to Apply Canada Tourist Visa and get it Approved?
  1. How to get started for Canada Tourist Visa?

All about the Canadian Tourist visa forms:

First and foremost, you need to download the document checklist and forms from the official VFS website of Canada. The best part is that unlike most of the tourist visa forms, this one is very short and precise. The form fees for Indians INR 4,000 (single entry visa) and INR 8,000 (for multiple visa entries). 

But you need to be connected to the internet while filling the application form. You will require the updated version of Adobe reader. You cannot sign it electronically. At the top you will find the option of Validate. The barcodes will be generated only when you fill the entire form and press this option. You will have to validate it again in case you decide to make some last minute changes before getting a printed copy. You need to sign and date the two printed copies of the form. 

All the accommodation and flight bookings need to be completed beforehand for completing application for Canada Tourist Visa: 

This is an important point as you will not be able to apply for the tourist visa if you have not made all your bookings beforehand. This can be a risky task, so always keep in mind to go for the refundable tickets. You don’t need to lose heart as most of the reputed hotels and full-fledged carriers offer complete refunds, when you cancel the bookings. The whole point of all this is to ensure the authorities that you have sufficient funds to afford the trip. Once you get the visa, you can cancel your booking and go for the actual ones. 

    3) Other important documents for Canada Tourist Visa :

Just match all the documents with the checklist. This is easily available on the VFS Canada website. Also, be sure of the correct sequence of the documents. You need to prepare a short cover letter, in which you need to sum up the reason of your visit to Canada, the fund allocation for the trip and list of the countries that you have visited in the past. Keep in mind that the cover letter has a major role to play in making the right kind of impression on the authorities.

Go for the multiple Canada Tourist entry visa alternatives:

This proves to be of great help when you wish to get Visa on Arrival for some of the other countries. The best part about choosing this option is the fact that it will add to your trustworthiness while applying for visas of other countries.

4) How to apply for the Tourist Visa for Canada at VFS?

There are nine VFS centers for Visa for Canada. You can take the help of a travel agent, in case your city doesn’t have a center. You need to be careful about the timings of passport submission (8 am to 12 noon and 1 pm to 3 pm) and the best part is that you do not require prior appointment. You will be getting a token number and all that you need to do is be ready with all the necessary documents, in the correct sequence.

Collection of passport after Visa Application is Processed:

Generally, the process takes around 10 to 14 working days. You must sign up for the free email or SMS service so that you are able to track the form online. 

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