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Do you have the eligibility for the Nova Scotia Nominee Program?

Nova Scotia is a small province in Canada. The Nova Scotia Nominee Program: Express Entry Stream chooses the skilled individuals who want to reside in the province of Nova Scotia permanently and already have one year of work experience in the province.

Eligibility criteria for the Nova Scotia Nominee Program
Eligibility criteria for the Nova Scotia Nominee Program

Eligibility criteria for the Nova Scotia Nominee Program Express Entry Stream

  1. The applicant’s age must be between 21 and 55 on the date of application
  2. In the three years before an applicant places his application, he or she must have minimum 1 year job experience in the province of Nova Scotia.
  3. The applicant must have had gained the work experience in the province after proper authorization or work permit.
  4. The applicant must have completed his high-school education from Canada or a post-secondary educational degree from Canada. If not, then he must have completed a foreign educational degree from any recognized institution and an organization designated by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada must submit an Educational Credential Assessment Report if the applicant’s education was pursued outside Canada.
  5. The applicant must fulfill all the language level requirements which are essential for a job.
  6. The applicant must successfully demonstrate that he or she will be economically established in the province and promise to live in Nova Scotia permanently.

The process of getting permanent residence in Nova Scotia

  1. After an applicant has successfully placed his application, the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration will go through all the applications and check whether they conform to all the criteria stated above and are complete.
  2. If an application is not complete or does not comply with the criteria then it will be immediately returned without any further question.
  3. The Nova Scotia Office of Immigration always has the right to summon an interview with the applicant.
  4. The complete checking of the applications and verification of the document provided by the applicants is a cumbersome process and may take up to 3 months or more depending on the number of documents to be verified and the total number of applications placed.
  5. The Nova Scotia Office of Immigration will communicate their decision to the applicants or their representatives through writing or an e-mail.
  6. If the decision taken by the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration is positive then your application will be nominated under Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Express Entry system.
  7. But if your application is refused by the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration then you will have 10 more business days to place a plea with additional information to reconsider your nomination. After 10 days, again an assessment is done of the submitted documents and the final decision is declared. If the applicant’s nomination is declined during this process, then there is no scope for another plea.

The new aim of Canada in 2017 is to bring 51,000 newcomers for permanent residency through the Provincial Nominee Programs. This target is seven percent more than the target set the previous year.

Nova Scotia has announced that its express entry stream may be opened periodically throughout the year which also means only the applicants who had prepared to apply beforehand are more likely to be able to submit their applications than those who hadn’t prepared.

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