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Want to Get a job in Canada? Pre-Arrival Services and Projects in Canada can help you

When a person from outside Canada is willing to visit this country for Get a job in Canada, then the pre-arrival services can help that person to a great extent. These are services which are meant to provide essential information to the visitors.

With the help of Pre-Arrival Services you can get a good job in Canada

You can use Pre-arrival services to Get a job in Canada

A variety of program and plethora of organizations are available who provides information depending upon the destination and profession of the worker. Moreover, if a newcomer doesn’t have enough knowledge about Canadian language, they teach the person and provide several other important inputs to survive properly in the hustle and bustle of Canada.

Benefits of availing Pre-Arrival Services in Canada

There are various program and plethora of projects that are subject to fulfillment of eligibility criteria. However, two basic requirements are there, which are essential for every program.

  • Visitor must live outside Canada
  • The visitor must have received a Confirmation of Permanent Residence letter (COPR). In another case, an Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) can help the visitor to have these services.

Different Pre-Arrival Services and Projects for Various Needs

AEIP Service by SUCCESS- for Job Training and Faster settlement in Canada

This is pre-arrival services, which are provided on the job training, community engagement and information sharing with the newcomers. This service is available in different languages like Chinese, Korean, etc.

Build On By YMCA-YWCAC- for Employment in Skilled Trades

This is a pre-arrival service for newcomers to find a decent employment in Canada with skilled trades. This is an information sharing service that is available in English and French over the internet.

COA Provided By IOM for Newcomers in Canada especially Refugees

If a newcomer is a refugee, then this program is meant to serve the person best. This program was launched to provide essential information to a person for three to five days to let him help to survive in the Canada for a short period. This provides a job as well. Works like, translation, child minding, and transportation are done by the refugees with the help of this organization.

Next-Stop Canada- for employment, Health and Housing for New Immigrants in Canada

This is an online pre-arrival program which is meant to provide information regarding employment, settlement, health and housing to the newcomers. This service is provided by the YMCA.

Things You Need To Do Before Having Pre-Arrival Services in Canada

Before having pre-arrival services, certain parameters need to be taken care of. Some of the necessary parameters are mentioned below.

Get Help

Before you step in Canada, it is essential to finding a service provider who offers services like pre-arrivals. Judge the credential of the person and then take your conversation further for transparency and better quality of duty.

Prepare Yourself

Canada is a growing economy, and thus the life is changing rapidly here. For a newcomer, it is hard to get accustomed to these changes if he or she is not aware of the scenario prior visiting. So pack your bag and prepare yourself for a life filled with thrill.

Keeping these details in mind one can easily visit Canada and avail job in Canada even before landing in this country. Though these are easy to say but hard to do; but if you want to live happily and peacefully in Canada, then these are essential.

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