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Why Illegal Immigration In The United States Is Increasing So Rapidly?

Illegal Immigration in the United States is a well-known and common factor. It is also a matter of continuous debate among the politicians and feature as a priority concern in political and policy related topics. There have been numerous debates over possible changes that could be made to the immigration system.

Illegal Immigration in the United States
Illegal Immigration in the United States

 Illegal Immigration In US- Largely from Mexico

 is an ever continuing agenda. People are often expressive about the US government’s role in resettling the refugees.  Many questions have been raised pertaining to the current and historical pace of immigration, the role played by the immigrants in workplaces, humanitarian admission policies and the enforcement practices. When there is a need to make some substantial changes in the immigration policies and to calculate the number of illegal immigrants or for that matter to make some policies, information needs to be evidence-based, accurate and unbiased.

The national political environment, needs the answer to many questions like the number of immigrants in a particular year, the number of legal and illegal immigrants, how many entered as refugees and from which countries, what jobs are they holding and a lot more. Among all these issues, the problem which USA faces the most is illegal immigration.

Most of the illegal immigrants to US are from Mexico amounting to almost 52%. The places which follow are Central America, Asia, South America, Caribbean and a very meager amount from Europe and Canada. It has been found out that economic reasons prompt people for illegal immigration in the United States.

Laws For Illegal Immigration- deterrence, apprehension and removal

Illegal immigration in the Unites States is a crime, as in many other countries. Every year the Border Patrol gets hold of thousands of people who try to violate the laws of the nation and cross the borders.  There are two types of convicts in this regard. The first category is composed of those who illegally enter the country and the other category comprises those who have entered legally, but are staying even after the expiry of visa. Illegal immigration causes harm to the legal immigrants and to end this, three major controls have been adopted by US government. These are deterrence, apprehension and removal.

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