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What are the guidelines for Hiring an Immigrant in Canada?

The world has turned into a small global village, where the search for talents and exchange of ideas and workforce is now a necessity more than a trend. But getting a job abroad is not easy for an immigrant. Every nation has its own set of rules which it adheres to before hiring an immigrant. Canada too has his own set of laws which it implements before hiring an immigrant in Canada.

Rules for hiring an immigrant in Canada
Rules for hiring an immigrant in Canada

Rules for hiring an immigrant in Canada- What are essential skills that have to be there in immigrant before getting hired?

Various organizations across Canada look out for talents from different nations who pour into the country in search of lucrative job opportunities according to their own flair.

But a newbie to the nation finds it a tough time to find the right employer for himself. In fact, every employer has his share of hesitations regarding offering an employment to the newcomers. Lack of recognition of your education and work credentials makes the situation even more critical for the job aspirants.

There are certain specific guidelines made for the employers that they consider before giving an offer of employment to the immigrants.

Look out for Potential Employers:

To see whether any job opportunity is available in that particular country one should inquire at its embassy the same is true for Canada too. Most of the companies in Canada organize job fairs as a search platform for hiring immigrants. If you specifically want to join a Canadian Company kindly take a look that whether your educational institution is having a Canadian company as their campus recruitment partner.

Canadian companies also have their own set of countrywide preferences before hiring an immigrant in Canada. Like Canadian recruiters prefer Indians as their home support workers and Australia s their best choice in their tourist related jobs because Australian students are on a summer break during Canadian winters.

Express Entry Stream helps recruiters to hire an immigrant:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has recently launched a new electronic system called Express Entry which enables the candidates registered under it to get offers of employment from prospective recruiters who are in search of candidates to meet their staff requirement. This mostly happens when a recruiter is unable to find prospective candidates from their own nation. The company then looks out for the best workman in their own country or abroad. So this is a golden opportunity for both the job seekers and also the recruiters who are thinking about hiring an Immigrant in Canada.

These qualified foreign workers include:

  • Canadian Immigrants who are about to complete their job contract with their current employer, before switching jobs.
  • Canadian immigrants who have an open permit to work for any employer in Canada

Finding the right Company and Hiring Immigrants through right Immigration Program:

There are specific programs that promote and encourage Canadian companies in hiring an Immigrant in Canada. An immigrant can possibly rely on such programs and resources to get an idea about the available job opportunities. Some of those programs are:

  • Skills Connect For Immigrants Programs:

This program helps you to look out for prospects, according to your strong points like your experience and educational background, etc. The Immigrants Workers Hire Program is a free service that connects an employer to the job aspirants.

  • Hire Immigrants Program:

This program provides big business houses the scope to hire an immigrant in Canada.

  • Immigrant Employment Council

This program actually has two avenues to meet the requirement of both the employer and the employee. These include:

  • Connector Program- to match immigrants with potential recruiters:

Matches established professionals with skilled immigrants that aid you in building a worthy professional network and connect with the available job opportunities

  • Mentor Connect- an excellent way to get initiated for immigrants:

This is mainly a platform for both the employer and the prospective job seekers. It mainly includes a twenty-four hours mentoring program which spans around four months.

There are many such programs which facilitate both the employer and the employee. Hiring an Immigrant in Canada is a multi-faceted agenda because it involves fulfillment of many criteria… But most importantly a recruiter should check the status of his visa and also the work permit before handing over the offer of employment so that no unprecedented incidents crop up in future.

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