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Why the Canadian government is providing Financial Facilities for Immigrants in Canada?

The feeling of despair and hopelessness engulfs an individual if he runs out of money and the situation is worse if it happens in some foreign land. For a moment the immigrants get perplexed about who should rely upon in this major crisis period. Do not worry; the Canadian Government has ample provision for the refugees so that they don’t feel dejected in their new land. Refugee claimants, Convention Refugees, and person in need of protection do have certain rights that have been designed to ensure their safety and welfare in a foreign land. And the financial assistance for immigrants is a part of such rights.

Canadian Government Provides Financial Assistance to Immigrants
Canadian Government Provides Financial Assistance to Immigrants

Financial Assistance for immigrants- Resettlement Assistance Program in Canada:

Being away from friends and family is in itself a very gloomy feeling and the feeling strikes us more when we face problems and have no one to share our pain with. But the government of Canada does understand this sentiment of the refugees and thus have many provisions in their favor. Under the Resettlement Assistance Program, also known as RAP some resettled refugees in Canada can get the below-mentioned facilities:

  1. Assistance at the airport or port of entry
  2. The refugees are provided with temporary accommodation or are guided to find a permanent place of residence
  3. The Fund is allocated to help the refugees to buy articles for their day to day life and also to meet their immediate necessity like getting clothes, utensils, grocery, etc
  4. All the required information and complete assistance are provided so that the refugees can get settled in Canada.

Immigration Loan Program

The sole aim of this loan program is to help the refugees in getting all their necessary paperwork done. The loan is sanctioned for:

  1. Meeting the cost of medical expenditure
  2. Preparing travel documents
  3. Availing transportation to Canada
  4. To meet the cost of housing rental
  5. To pay telephone bills
  6. To purchase work tools

The loan that has been sanctioned to the refugees has to be repaid along with the stipulated interest that has been charged.

Canada helps you settle faster in Canada so that you can settle faster and become part of the Canadian setup fast- hence Immigration Assistance Program

Money cannot buy you happiness, but money can buy you all the necessary things that you need to live a happy life. Mostly when financial stress befalls we count upon our near and dear ones helping us to come out of this trouble. But in a foreign land away from them, one feels lost when problem disrupts the normalcy of his life. The Financial Assistance for the immigrants by the government of Canada helps us to come out of that phase. In keeping with Canada’s proud humanitarian tradition, refugees do get a favorable approach from the government and that gives them a ray of hope for better future.

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