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Marriage- a Union of Two Souls or an Immigration deal? Sham Marriage for Immigration on Rise

Now marriage is no longer just an auspicious knot between two souls. It has become a matter of deal to earn in dollars. Let’s see how sham marriage for Immigration has become the talk of the town.

But sadly enough, with the rise of greed in the mind of human marriage is now turning into a deal that devils in the disguise of humans plot to fulfill their ulterior motifs. Canada is one such nations where sham marriage rate has climbed up in the recent times.

Ever Since tightening of the Immigration rules, Sham Marriages for Immigration are on the rise

Ever Since the Immigration rules have been tightened, Sham marriages for immigration have shown steep rise
Ever Since the Immigration rules have been tightened, Sham marriages for immigration have shown steep rise

How are Marriages Faked for Immigration?

Recent surveys confirm the fact there has been an alarming rise in the rate of sham or fake marriages in the past few years. A sham marriage or fake marriage is a marriage of convenience, entered into purely for the purpose of gaining a benefit arising from that status. This is the latest trend of Immigration Fraud that has shaken the firm, legal system of many developed nations. In Canada, this situation has worsened over time because of its lenient marital laws.

How Sham marriages contributed to Immigration Fraud?

 The greed of earning in dollars and pounds and becoming the citizen of the First world nations has led to the rise of dreadful cases of Immigration Fraud. In fact, Sham Marriage not only aides Immigration fraud, but also has led to a significant rise in the rate of human trafficking in the developed countries of the world.

Cunning individuals hatch their plot meticulously with the help of human trafficking agents and also take the help of social networking sites to lure poor women through false claims of love and marriage to get an easy access of being a citizen of developed nations. Since getting married in Canada is relatively easy on tourist visas, so some Immigrants plan their deed in such a way that they can trap some innocent Canadian easily and get an easy access to the country’s citizenship.

The couple marries in a private ceremony, make false claims of giving her a respectable life, and even get them pregnant. But soon the trust is broken and the blessing becomes a curse, these ladies are oppressed both physically and mentally to the extent, till they succumb to ravage that both their body and soul incurs.

What measures have been taken to cut down such Immigration fraud Cases?

The vigilance to resist such Immigration frauds has become more stringent in the first world nations. The one who takes the help of fraudulent marriage to earn the citizenship does that consciously, because that person is well aware of the fact that what he is aiming to be completely illegal.

To detect such types of Immigration Frauds, the Immigration authorities nowadays demand-

Number of proofs now required to justify the validity of a marriage. For a marriage to be valid under the law, it is now necessary for a couple to intend that they are in a real marital relationship. Just organizing a ceremony and gathering government stamps on marriage papers won’t give you the privilege of being counted as married, they have to prove their intention through their actions; otherwise, such a type of relationship will be categorized as sham.

The statutes and regulations do not provide the exact definition of a real marriage. But there are certain decorum’s that are considered to be of utter importance before counting any relationship to be real. The Inspectors of Immigration Department try to gather every possible information about the person who has applied for citizenship on the nuptial ground if they sense anything suspicious.

In fact, the government now wants its citizen to be equally aware so that they can resist such cases. If the marriage proposal comes from an immigrant whose family background is unknown and he is known to you, not for a very long time, BEWARE! Before getting into the trap.  Check and cross check to find whether this is a marriage of love or convenience.

People who are intending to become a green card holder in developed nations like Canada have taken up marriage to be the best shortcut to gain access to the same. Millions of such cases are registered on a regular basis. Though many agencies have taken up the humongous task of providing relief to such innocent lives who are victimized by this new form of Immigration Fraud but, the ultimate power is vested in the hands of individuals, it is only awareness about the same that can shield anyone from falling prey into such trap. And in case you sense anything wrong, kindly report the same to Canadian Police Authorities so that such opportunists can be thrown behind the bars or else banned and deported from Canada.

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