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Why people are applying for the Northwest Territories Provincial Nomination Program?

North West territory (NWT) is quite a large chunk of land in the northern hemisphere which is emerging in a rapid way. More and more people desirous to immigrate to Canada are applying for the Northwest Territories Provincial Nomination Program (NTNP) to establish themselves as a successful businessman or a fruitful employee ion Canada. Here is a brief overview of NTNP that one needs to check properly before applying.

Northwest Territories Provincial Nomination Program- your gateway to land of opportunities
Northwest Territories Provincial Nomination Program- your gateway to land of opportunities

Northwest Territories Provincial Nomination Program- gateway to Land of Opportunities

NWT is abundant in natural resources like gold, natural gas, petroleum, diamond and many others. Thus, people who want to become successful in life try to come here and establish themselves in this land of opportunity. NTNP is a formal partnership between Canadian and NWT government for skilled labors and refugees.

Using this NTNP it has become quite easy for an immigrant to get settled in the NWT because this program approves permanent residency quite faster than the other Canadian immigration program. With an own set of streams, NTNP accepts applications under three programs of immigration.

Express entry program for NTNP

This program was basically set up to address the shortage of labor force in the NWT. Federal express entry scheme is aligned with this program to satisfy the demand of NTNP of a skilled labor. To become an NTNP holder a Canadian necessarily has to pass any one of the Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades, or Canadian Experience Class programs. Once the person clears any one of this test his or her application for permanent residency in NWT will be prioritized through NTNP.

What is Entry program driven by employer and Immigration program driven by business? Why has been the Express entry program setup for NTNP?

What is the nomination process for NTNP? What is NTNP application setup process?

Knowing the important factors of NTNP will save time and unnecessary hassles

Entry program driven by employer for NTNP

Employer driven entry program is classified in two separate streams. The streams are as follows.

  • Critical impact employee stream

When an unskilled or semi-skilled worker of Canada gets an offer for employment in NWT, then that worker can apply for this type of entry program under the NTNP. However, it is important to keep in mind that the said worker must have worked in the NWT for a tenure of six months or more to avail a smooth permit program.

  • Stream for skilled worker

Unlike critical impact program, a Canadian worker can only apply for the skilled worker entry program, when he or she gets an offer letter from the employer for a skilled position.

Immigration program driven by business

Business-driven immigration program is subdivided into two sections.

  • Entrepreneur stream

A person who wants to establish a successful business in the NWT can apply under the NTNP. There is no bar in case of business sector application. Anyone who is somehow going to give a boost to the economy of the NWT is welcome for an application. Priority will be given to an applicant who can prove the importance of his product to the NWT.

  • Self-employed stream

Other than entrepreneur stream, the self-employed stream is more of service centric. People who want to provide service like health care, education, etc. to the people of NWT are welcomed to apply for a permanent residence in the NWT under the NTNP program.

Nomination process for NTNP

NTNP program has 8 vital steps for the nomination process. These are as follows.

  1. Initial investigation and self-assessment
  2. Face-to-face interview
  3. Pre-screening
  4. Formal application
  5. Application review
  6. Negotiation for Business Performance Agreement (BPA)
  7. Setup of a business
  8. Nomination upon fulfillment of BPA

These are important aspects that a person needs to keep in mind while applying for a Northwest Territories Provincial Nomination Program. These will not only save time but also help from unnecessary tantrums.

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