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How Trump’s new immigration policies will strengthen the USA security?

America has been facing illegal immigration issues for quite some time and this very fact has been brought into the limelight by President Trump. He came up with new immigration policies in order to strengthen the security of USA. Will Trump’s immigration policies prove to be effective in making USA strengthen its security?

Will Trump's Immigration Policies help US secure its borders?
Will Trump’s Immigration Policies help US secure its borders?

Trump won the US President elections on Poll Plank to throw all 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants Out of USA

The main issue of Trump’s presidential campaign was illegal immigration. Proposals of Trump’s immigration policies and reforms have generated headlines and have been much talked about. He has come up with the idea of building a substantial wall on the United States and Mexico border. Trump has also supported the idea of recasting US immigration Policies on allowing People to Immigrate or to come on  guest worker visas. With an executive order, a pair of Department of Homeland Security memos, the Trump administration has significantly hardened the country’s policies regarding illegal immigration.

Significant facts about the Trump’s US Immigration proposal

  1. Children to be given special Protection, Parents forced to go Underground– One of the memos acknowledged that children who arrive at the border alone will be entitled to special protections. The immigration advocates are predicting that the policy will drive parents of migrant children further underground.
  2. Special Powers to Immigration Agents- Expedited removal of Undocumented Immigrants- The Trump administration is now planning to use expedited removal as extensively as the original law allows, saying that limits on its use had contributed to backlog of more than half a million cases in immigration court.
  3. Building Up Database of Undocumented Immigrants especially those involved in Crime- The administration is significantly trying its best to expand the range of information available on the enforcement of immigration laws and in particular, unauthorized immigrants who commit crimes. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement will soon establish a new office in order to work with the victims of crimes committed by the undocumented immigrants, some of whom appeared with Mr. Trump on the campaign trail.

Trump’s Immigration Policy may Backfire and US Industries may Suffer

Though there are positive aspects about Trump’s immigration policies, there are reasons to show concern for the negative aspects also. He is keen on sealing the country’s southern border and indiscriminately deporting a large number of people. Among all the valid criticism of Trump’s proposal, one major thing has been taken for granted and that is, it would be able to actually reduce the undocumented population.

Walling off the southern border and throwing out residents who have been working in U.S. for extended periods of time could yield the exact opposite result. The US economy, be it for better or for worse, is dependent on immigrant labor, which includes the labor of undocumented residents. In absence of these workers, who are often willing to work at a very low wage without any contract or benefit, there are possibilities that many important industries may suffer.

Soon US Government may come under pressure to halt deportation to help Local Industries

In order to combat or prevent this outcome, which is harmful and also to respond to the inevitable demands that business owners and industry advocates will make, Congress will come under immense pressure to increase temporary work recruitment for unskilled workers.

The undocumented population in USA has been stable for a long time, since 2007. If avenues to legal permanent immigration and inhibit cross-border mobility are cut down, Trump’s plan have high chances to backfire and produce more rather than fewer undocumented immigrants overall. The goals of these immigrant policies and a robust job-creating economy are fundamentally at odds with one another.

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