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Australian’s Views On Trump’s Order: Unacceptable Or Acceptable

The recent executive order signed by the president of United States of America, Donald J Trump has banned the entry of major seven Muslim countries and has laid strict rules regarding the new visa allotment and entry of new immigrants to the United States. His policies have left people shocked across the world, worst still even Australia that has not been known to be soft on immigration have found trump’s order unacceptable.

46% in Australia disagree with Trump's Policies on Immigration
46% in Australia disagree with Trump’s Policies on Immigration

Every nation has started presenting their views on these matters, while most of them are against and find trump’s order unacceptable. We all know that to a certain point, Australians are conservative about the immigrants, and they are against immigration of people from different countries. Even the Australian prime minister stated that “It is vital that every nation can control who comes across its border.”

However, even these Australians find Trump’s argument unacceptable, regardless what their leaders have to say. The recent polls were taken in Australia, whether to ban the entry of Muslims in Australia or not found 46 percent opposing the ban, 41 percent supporting while 14 percent said, “They don’t know.”

Why is Trump’s Order Unacceptable, Especially for US Immigration?

In such case, how will such hard stand and Trump’s orders against the US immigration policies work for/against the US interest? Australians’ have raised their voice against it and had few arguments:

  1. This is not going to stop wars but creates The countries on which the Trump has laid ban are not the one creating terror but the ones suffering from the terror. These seven countries include Iran, Sudan, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria which are suffering from ISIS’s attacks, diseases and are homeless. Not accepting the refugees and immigrants from these countries will get them killed.
  2. The victims of the order are not rich or millionaires leaving in their mansion, but the poor ones, the refugees who are homeless and not skilled. These refugees include small children who have seen their house burning, their parents getting killed, no food to it and if not helped would either get killed or become slaves.
  3. Trump said that he would welcome the people whose religion is minor in these banned countries. A clear discrimination, which makes trump’s order unacceptable. The minors he is talking about are the ‘Christians.’ He is openly welcoming the Christians from around the world, but the poor Muslims are left to die in between the war. This is no justice but the hypocrisy!
  4. It is about tearing apart the families. The citizens of America have their spouse from these banned countries, or a Muslim immigrant has suddenly nowhere to go. Due to the new rule, they would have to walk a separate way.

This is no justice! It will get people killed and leave people to work less and hungry. If this continues, then America which was the safest and dream place for people to reside, will no longer be the safest place on the earth.

America, which has always welcomed the refugees and has its peacekeeping troops in all war countries, is going to have its name sunken. Let us all raise our voice against this and do share your views below, why you find trump’s order unacceptable.

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