Canada raises Alert Against Fake Visa Program for Canada offered through phony raffle system

Alert against visas have been issued by Canada’s immigration department after unauthentic claims of issuing visas for individuals desirous of travelling to Canada were being featured in spurious websites offering fake visa program for immigrating to Canada

Alert Against Fake Visa Program for Canada
Alert Against Fake Visa Program for Canada

Alert Against Fake Visa Program for Canada

The government of Canada was compelled to issue an alert against visas which were promised to individuals by a few phony websites. These websites convinced individuals that the norms of immigration have been amended and therefore they can procure visas only through a raffle system.

The spurious websites which have been designed for the unpleasant and unlawful purpose of conning naive individuals have thus launched its sham program of offering Canadian visas in this manner. The websites also feature false consultants who further the process of duping people by enticing them with lucrative job positions and free studentships.

The bogus claims made regarding Canadian Visas:

The situation surfaced in the previous week when a few counterfeit websites started circulating false information regarding Canada’s immigration procedure. The false information splashed across those phony websites stated that the government of Canada has formulated new rules regarding immigration. The websites declared to conduct a raffle system which would enable individuals to procure visas as per the new regulations of immigration.

The timely action taken by the Canada Immigration:

The phony claims sprawling across the online platform caught the attention of the government. The government officials promptly tackled the problem by out rightly rejecting such groundless claims. The government of Canada after reviewing such fraudulent assertions has released an alert against visas promised by those illegal sites. In a consultative notice it stated that no new norms have been formulated regarding the immigration process.

Notification issued in authentic government website cic.gc:

Along with the alert against visas promised by illegal websites, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada also known as CIC has clearly delineated the simple fact regarding visas in its web page. The statement pointedly mentions that anyone inclined to apply for a Canadian visa or citizenship doesn’t need to engage an immigration agent for that purpose.

The notification issued on the authorized website also provides common people with valuable information. It clearly declares that persons posing as immigration agents possess no real authority or capability to influence the process of visa application and its subsequent acceptance.

In order to safeguard oneself from such false and manipulative schemes, one should be vigilant and observant regarding the claims featured anonymously in unauthentic websites.

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