How to Acquire Canadian Immigration When Self-Employed?

In this post, I help you gain Canadian Immigration under the Self-Employment group. Read the following article carefully and then decide if you qualify these requirements. It saves all the time for both the applicant and the inspecting officer.

Who is Entitled to Canadian Immigration in the Self-Employed Stream?

Only the following three groups can participate under the self-employment category:

1. Self-employed in cultural occupations

The words cultural occupations mean many jobs. It has artists, filmmakers, illustrators, musicians, journalists, and more. ‘Cultural occupations’ also means associated workers like designers, choreographers, and directors and more.

2. Self-employed athletes

Apart from the athletes, this group also has trainers and coaches. To be precise cultural occupations and athletics are for established professionals with significant experience and a lengthy record of supporting themselves in the activity.

Artists and those working in athletes should be at the world-class level. Anything lower lessens your chances to be successful under the self-employed group.

3. Self-employment in buying and controlling of a farm.

This is a difficult group to be successful.  You should have relevant experience in farming and demonstrate that you possess the abilities to succeed in financially backing yourself and your dependents by farming in Canada.

The self-employment group is not for applicants who want to gain self-employment in groups mentioned above.

For farming, CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada need to see a multi-tasking applicant with the following skills:

  • Ability to deal with latest farming problems
  • Abilities to deal with machinery and every aspect of the modern farm competence in technology
  • Great knowledge in farming techniques
  • Great knowledge in markets for animal produce or grains
  • You should possess evidence of financially backing your dependents and yourself by farming

Details Regarding the First Three Classes for Canadian Immigration

Selection Grid – You Need 35 points!

  • Education: 25 points
  • Experience: 35 points
  • Age: 10 points
  • Skills in English and French: 24 points
  • Adjustability: 6 points

This totals to 100 points.

The Federal Self-Employed Class

The right applicant must possess the following:

  1. Minimum two years of experience in the time starting five years before the date of the application and the date of the final Canadian immigration decision on the application
  2. Self-employed in athletics or cultural occupations,
  3. Involved at world-class level in cultural occupations or athletics, or background in farm management


You should also get minimum 35 points from a selection grid created to decide if you will provide an economic contribution to Canada

The money you must have

To certify, the applicant should prove ownership of an acceptable amount of money. And, that may be lower than an entrepreneur and not mentioned in the rules.

The money must help the applicant in Canada for self-employment and grant a relevant contribution in the listed economic occupations in Canada and to fit the initial settlement requirements for the applicant and associating dependents.

Quebec Self-Employed Program

Applicants in self-employment are classified from skilled worker applicants based on the main descriptions that are already mentioned above. To certify the self-employed should possess two years of relevant experience.


At pre-selection, single applicants should get 38 points from a probable 75 points and at selection 44 points from a probable 81 points.

Applicants have a spouse, or de facto spouse should get 45 points from a probable 87 points during pre-selection and 51 points from a probable 93 points during selection.

The money you need

Own a personal net worth equal to $100,000 CAD. And, hold acceptable settlement money. They must come to Quebec to generate employment for themselves by practicing an occupation mentioned under the National Occupational Classification.

canadian immigration for the self-employed
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Potential applicants should also fit applicable occupational entry or licensing needs. The applicants under self-employment are tested for a selection grid (Schedule A, R31, R32), consisting nine factors.

Hope you read the entire post. Satisfy these requirements to ease your Canadian immigration process. Work hard and prepare for the above tests. Share this post and add your comments below. Once you fit the requirements, attend the immigration interview with a smile!

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