The predictable epilogue of the Trump’s regime- Will Trump’s Policies help USA to grow

The American administration under Trump’s regime hasn’t fared well so far. Trump’s string of vociferous tweets and series of executive orders have accrued negative criticism from the general public.

Shape of things to Come in USA during and After Trump's Regime
Shape of things to Come in USA during and After Trump’s Regime

The ascension of Donald Trump as the President of USA has left many stumped but Trump’s regime upholding his quotidian executive orders have created far more complications. The appalling revelation of the executive order prohibiting immigration and forcible expatriation of immigrants has infuriated most.

The scenario after the prohibitory law issued for Banning Entry of immigrants.

The situation created by the prohibition of influx of immigrants has resulted in widespread disapproval. Thus the current plight of the US with respect to this order is not very heartening. But still, there are individuals who believe in America’s progress under Donald Trump’s regime. Conclusive benefits are being predicted and the ongoing complications are viewed as collateral damage.

However, the bleakness that has encroached upon the freedom and future of individual immigrants and their families is palpable. The following problematic circumstances and probable outcomes created by this order are enlisted below:

  1. Every migrant coming from Muslim regions as notified in the order to the U.S has to go back
  2. If the religion of the migrant is that of a minority sect in a Muslim nation he/she will be allowed to migrate in U.S.
  3. Security checks are to be used to ascertain the identity of immigrants and for the safety of the nation.
  4. The alterations done in L1, H1B visas have rendered the future prospect of immigrants uncertain.
  5. Immigrants can use F1 visa to study in USA. Visas for permanent citizenship can be obtained only if the immigrant individual has in-depth knowledge and experience in the requisite work field.


The future of Immigration to America under Trump’s regime

The discussion regarding the future of America under Donald Trump’s president-ship has so far succeeded in creating only a critical impasse. The following points enlist the predicament that might follow Trump’s regime:

  1. Tax modifications, for instance an official pardon for transnational companies that send back foreign earnings, would be legalized. The proposed tax reforms will entail larger financial deficits, which will inadvertently fuel growth and price rise.
  2. The financial impact coming from overturning bank regulations such as relaxing lending norms can result in an increase in the construction of housing property. Debt-financed expenditure might cause additional growth momentum.
  3. Geopolitical steadiness can be maintained by Trump because of his inclination towards realpolitik. His transnational stance might be able to soothe USA’s relations with Russia and China.
  4. Donald Trump observes business transaction as a zero-sum game. If Trump fails to materialize the curbs that he promised during his campaign regarding business, the Republicans will have to suffer from repercussion from their voters.
  5. USA is predictably going to move away from free international trade, globalization, and free access markets which will negatively affect budding economies and cosmopolitan companies based on those norms.
  6. Huge tax cuts and public spending when enacted in a nation that is fully employed entail rising inflation and increasing rates of interest.
  7. Measures to eliminate refugee workers can also cause an increase in prices and interest rates. The financial markets will therefore reach an unsettling and upsetting position.

With executive orders dropping from the administrative office daily, high-pitched debates filling the air and the disrespectful stance of the administration towards the legal system of the nation; the situation is not hopeful with regard to Trump’s regime.

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