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Professional Immigration Document Translation Services, Interpreter Services PAN Canada

Canada is a Country of Immigrants as Immigrants from various nationalities have made it their home. Most Immigrants who arrive from various countries have their education/ professional credentials in the native language of their country.Now for various purposes such as to get licenses, getting admission to Schools, or to get equivalence for educational credentials, one would need the translation of the original immigration document translation done which are not in English language. Similarly, for legal purposes too, certain documents may need to get translated.

Immigration Document Translation Services across all Major Cities of Canada
Immigration Document Translation Services across all Major Cities of Canada

Immigration Document Translation or Other Legal Document Translation has to be from Independent and Reliable Source

Another issue that comes up here is that the translation has to be done from independent source as neither petitioner nor beneficiary can translate their own documents.

Needless to say that the translation has to be very authentic and any mistake in the translation can have serious repercussions.

Interpreters for Business Conferences

In addition, often for business purposes, you may need an interpreter or translator that helps in business conferences especially when dealing with a client coming from a country with different native language as yours or English.

Translationz – at Top of Translation Industry- PAN Canada Presence

However, getting all such translations done is made very simple by Translationz. It is a reputed company that has impeccable record of delivering thousands of translations done each year through its strong team of certified professional translators that can help you as conference interpreters, medico-legal, health care, marketing document translations. It has presence in various cities of Canada as Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Hamilton.

What makes Translationz even more credible is that their translators have industry specific knowledge and can adapt to clients’s specific industry due to their advanced education. Their translators are well versed in the latest medical terminology, medical subjects and are even culturally sensitive to surpass the high standards of the medical industry

Translation Service where you want- As you want-

With Translationz, the translation services are not limited to just translating the documents or being available in conferences, you can always have their services on telephone or video interpretation as well

Initial Language from which to be translated – no Bar

See the picture below, indicating the languages for which translation services can be availed. You will see most of the languages around the globe have been covered by them in their services

Immigration Document Translation Services
Immigration Document Translation Services

How to be sure of the translation done?

Want to Check accuracy of original translation- you can get Back Translation done as well

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