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Tips & Tricks To Avoid College Admission Delays in Canada For International Students

Many students dream of getting an admission for post graduate courses in Canada. It is true; there is high competition for International students to get admission to the top colleges in Canada. You may not want college admission delays in Canada and if you avoid making mistakes and strictly follow the guidelines, the whole admission process can become easy for International students.

Many Canadian Universities wish they had as many International students as possible. This is because they want students from different countries to get to interact with each other. This could help students experience unique cultural identity. Avoid these common mistakes, when applying for admission to Canada Universities.

Major Reasons for College Admission Delays in Canada

Some of the Major reasons that lead to College Admission delays in Canada are shared below. Students may see to it that these are avoided to ensure admission in time while planning studies in Canada

1. Not Doing Proper Research

Most international students don’t spend enough time researching of the course they wish to study, the reputation of the college and the financial aid. They may not have checked the accessibility, weather, and cost of living properly. Therefore, make sure you do proper research online before you fix a college to study.

2. Not Meeting Minimum Requirements

Many students don’t read the prospectus thoroughly. For every course, students must meet the minimum educational requirement. Universities in Canada will see whether you meet the required educational background. Your SAT score should be according to their requirement for the particular course.

3. Submitting Application without Complete Documents

Around 70% of applications are rejected due to the failure of providing necessary documents to the University. You must check all the documents, the institution has asked for. Never send incomplete documents to Universities for admission, they will reject your application. You may also suffer college admission delays.

4. Not Checked Your Passport

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Many students make mistakes by applying to International Universities by providing invalid passport details. You must check the expiry date of your passport. If your passport expires within six months, renew it before you apply.

5. Errors in the Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose should be clear and easy enough to understand. It should be free from spelling and grammatical errors. This will help you offer a positive impression and avoid any possible college admission delays.

6. You Missed the Deadline

Many students make mistakes by sending applications after the deadline. Every application will have a strict deadline; you need to follow. So make sure you submit on time, if not early.

7. Not Clearing Your Queries

Many students hesitate to ask questions to the admission counselor. All universities will have an admission counselor to advise students with their admission process. If you have any doubt, you can chat with an International admission counselor, or you may send an email to the university website. They will immediately help you out with your queries.

It is very important for International students to plan ahead before applying for courses in Canada to avoid all kinds of college admission delays in Canada. Admission counselors will be happy to help you out with filling the application form and determine the documents.

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