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Changes to New Zealand Investment Visas From May 2017- Investor Immigrants to be encouraged

New Zealand, 9th December: Changes to New Zealand Investment Visas from May 2017 have been announced.

This was announced by New Zealand government.

Changes to New Zealand Investment Visas From May 2017Changes to New Zealand Investment Visas from May 2017—Changes to New Zealand investment visas from May 2017 are slated. New Zealand investment visa rules will undergo a change from next year. This is for foreign entrepreneurs wanting to invest and come to New Zealand.

“ Changes have been announced to New Zealand investment visas to become effective May 2017. “

Details of the changes—Speaking about the changes, New Zealand immigration minister Michael Woodhouse said that the migrant investor system shall encourage investment. This will result in greater economic benefits for New Zealand.

  • Funds for New Zealand investor 2 visa to be put into the businesses will be doubled.
  • The minimum amount of funds required is $3 million.
  • The condition of holding $1 million in settlement funds shall be removed.
  • Applicants shall be rewarded with bonus points for investment in growth oriented sectors.
  • Increased recognition for higher levels of business experience and English language skills will be there.
  • A priority processing and availability of financial discounts shall be introduced.
  • New Zealand aims to attract increased number of investors.
  • It will increase the annual cap to 400 from the present 300.
  • There is no change in the parallel New Zealand Investor 1 visa requirement of NZ $10 million.

The minister further maintained that New Zealand Migrant Investor categories are performing quite well with a total of $2.9 billion investments. They were introduced by New Zealand in July 2009. The government has a further investment commitment of $2.1 billion, the minister briefed.

The government of New Zealand believes that there exists an opportunity for rebalancing it towards growth-oriented investments, he clarified.

It may be notable that New Zealand had cut the annual cap on New Zealand residency visas by 5,000 to 85,000-95,000 over a period of two years.

All these New Zealand Investor 2 visa changes will encourage investors to come to New Zealand and help in delivering increased economic advantages to the nation, New Zealand immigration minister Woodhouse stated.


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