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Ahead of Trump Occupying the Office, DACA Recipients, Immigrants Brace for the Worst in US

United States, 6th December: DACA Recipients, Immigrants brace for the worst in the US are bracing for the worst ahead of the new administration’s taking to office.

They fear an uncertainty.

DACA Recipients, Immigrants Brace for the WorstDACA Recipients, Immigrants Brace for the Worst— DACA Recipients, Immigrants Brace for the Worst after Donald Trump, the new president-elect, gets formal ascension to the US presidency. What will Trump do once he comes in power is a fact sending shock waves to non-Americans in the US.

Its the undocumented immigrants as well as the beneficiaries of the DACA(Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) who are facing heightened anxiety and fear.

“There is uncertainty prevailing over the fate of high-skilled foreign workers and DACA arrivals. “

Immigrants, DACA thronging US immigration lawyers—No wonder, being uncertain, most of undocumented immigrants and DACA are approaching US immigration lawyers. They need reassurance equally as they need professional services in this dire need of time.

Speaking about the issue, an immigration and nationality attorney in New York, Claudia Slovinsky says that anxiety is a fact bothering many. Everything seems to have changed overnight, added Slovinsky.

Deportation during Obama’s rule had been all time high, so why sudden panic now?Although, there had been nearly 2 million deportations of undocumented immigrants during the presidency of Barack Obama too. And this is the highest in the times of all presidents of 20th century combined.

Still, the rhetoric of Trump regarding deportation, walls, religious bans and immigrants has proven to be more incendiary than everything else. At least, that’s what the heightened anxiety and fear among immigrants in the US seems to prove.

Hire an Expert Immigration Attorney to Help you Fight Trump’s Anti-Immigration Policies

So, it is the fear of the worst possible outcome that is looming large in the minds of undocumented immigrants and DACA. It is the question of those who are US citizen kids growing up with mixed parents in the US.

One will recall that Trump clearly spoke at length about his rhetoric of deporting nearly 11 million immigrants. As a result, immigration lawyers and immigration attorneys in the US have been receiving an unprecedented number of inquiries, emails and calls since the US elections.

Trump’s actions may affect US immigrants, aspiring immigrants—If the US President-elect Trump goes forth in introducing the changes he proudly announced to US immigration policy, it will have a far reaching impact on not just the undocumented immigrants already in the US but even those who want to come to the US in the coming times as well.


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