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US Visas for Persons with Extra-Ordinary Abilities, Small Investors and Inter Company Transfers

United States, 3rd December: What are the options for you with regard to US non-immigrant Visa. These US Visas are available for Investors, persons with extra ordinary talents and inter-company transferees

US Non-Immigrant Visa
US Non-Immigrant Visa

US Visas-What Are Your Options-– US Visas-US Offers choice of some non immigration visas such as for investments in business, Inter company transferees and for persons with extra-ordinary abilities. Depending on your strengths and requirements, you may chose any of such visa. Let us see this here in detailed discussion. For this, we shall consider the available categories of US visas.

“US Non-Immigrant Visa- for Investors, Persons with Extra-Ordinary Talents and for inter company transfers “

  • US E2 Visas—Salient features of US E2 Visa are
    • US E2 visa is meant for foreigners wanting to make investments in any US business.
    • This could be any new business or could be buying any existing US business.
    • The minimum amount of investment needed for this is can be between $120,000 and $150,000.It really depends on the business’ nature.
    • An important point in this regard is that the amount of investment required is to be spent on the business itself and there is no requirement of keeping same locked in any US bank account.
    • Approval of US E2 visa is for a maximum period of 5 years. It can get extended in five year increments as well. The only point is that the business needs to be operational for that period.
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  • US O1 Visa—Salient Points of US O1 Visa are-
    • The US O1 visa is meant for foreigners having some ‘extraordinary ability’ in the arts, sciences and business.
    • The US firm or company need to petition for the foreigner wanting to come to the US for performing any service related to the individual’s area of expertise. The Company would need to prove that individual has extraordinary ability in his/her field.
    • The US O1 visa can get approved for up to three years at one time. It can get extended in increments for up to three years.
    • There is not any limitation on the number of times for the visa getting extended.
  • US L1A visa—Salient Points in US L1A Visa are-
    • The US L1A visa is an intra-company transferee.
    • It is meant for foreigners wanting to work in any executive or managerial occupations. It is for transferring from any foreign firm to any US parent/branch or subsidiary.
    • The US L1A visa includes newly formed US businesses and offices.
    • The only condition is that the newly formed US office is established as an affiliate, subsidiary or a parent of any foreign firm.
    • The foreign firm may continue to operate overseas.
    • A maximum period of seven years is allowed for any holder of a US L1 visa for staying in the US.

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