Wish to get Canada work visa? Find out if you are eligible

looking forward to get Canada Work Visa? It is simple and you can do it yourself. Check if you are eligible to apply for the same

Canada Work Visa
Canada Work Visa

Eligibility requirements for Canada Work Visa- The eligibility requirements for obtaining a work permit in Canada depends on certain parameters, including where in the country you want to work.

Here are the general eligibility requirements to secure a work permit in Canada


Conditions precedent to prove to apply for Work Visa- Irrespective of which part of the country you want to apply for the permit, you must:

  • Prove to the concerned authorities you will exit the country upon the expiry of your work permit.
  • Show that you are financially strong to meet all the needs of yourself and your family while staying in Canada and will have enough funds to return back.
  • Abide by the laws of the country and have no criminal record. The authorities will ask for a police clearance certificate as a proof.
  • Prove that you will not be a threat to Canada’s security. For the past about 12 years, there is information exchange mechanism between various countries and they share the data of persons who may have some threat perception to the country’s security.
  • You are healthy and are ready to go through a medical examination to prove the same.
  • You do not plan to work with an employer marked as “ineligible” and have been listed under the employers who have failed to satisfy the conditions laid by the government.
  • You are not going to work with an employer who is involved who runs escort service, and/ or offers striptease, erotic dance, erotic massages, etc.,
  • In case you have worked previously in Canada, the total duration of work, whether for a single or more than one period of time, should not exceed 4 years. This duration of employment is taken into consideration after April1, 2011.
  • Supply any more documents that the interviewing officer may demand in order to ensure that you satisfy all the terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled to enter the country.

 Eligibility requirements for applying for Work Visa from outside Canada


Anyone who wishes to work in Canada can apply for a work Visa permit before they enter the country. If you don’t possess a Canadian visa or a medical examination is required to prove that you are in good health to work in the country, you have to make an application to a visa office that is outside the country.

Eligibility requirements if you are applying for work Visa at the time of entry to Canada


  • You can get the work permit as and when you enter Canada, but this may be applicable if:
  • You belong to a visa-exempt country, or
  • You have a valid medical certificate, if it is one of the conditions for the job you have applied or are a citizen of a designated country, or
  • The company with which you are going to work has completed all the steps for securing the type of work permit you need, or
  • The application for work visa if you are applying for an open work permit.

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