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H-1B Visa Holders Not To Be Blamed For Unemployment In The United States

There is a wide spread belief among natives of USA that H1B Visa immigrants are responsible for the job losses and unemployment all over the country. If we take a close look in this matter then we will find that this is a completely baseless allegation. Well, to understand this first we need to know carefully what does the H-1B visa actually means.

What H-1B Visa actually means:

The H-1B visa specifically means a non-immigrant visa. The visa allows US Employers to recruit & employ foreign workers in special positions. For holding H-1B visa, one needs to be skilled professional. Since the H-1B visa is issued for fixed time period, the employers offer the employment for a specific time period only.

H-1B Visa for Overseas Skilled Professionals
H-1B Visas don’t steal jobs in America

Now comes the point of Employment. If we take a close look then we will know that the jobs which are for H-1B quota can also be applied by US workers as well as long as they satisfy the required qualification and essential criteria.

H1B Visas are not the reasons for job loss:

Working on H1B is different than outsourcing jobs. IT companies benefit in their profit margin from offshoring work and not putting H-1B workers there. Similarly, non-tech companies are also eager to offshore their work to reduce costs. So, there are no reasons to think that H-1B Visa holders are taking away all the opportunities.

Most of the US companies these days prefer Green card holders and citizens to work for them. There may be very few incidences of layoffs. But there are more than enough opportunities available for them in the market. The IT market is also constantly growing and also creating loads of jobs these days.

Failure to stay updated and not H1-B visa is responsible for loss of Job for US workers-Today’s technology is constantly evolving. Therefore, frequently updating skill sets and work power is a must to survive in a promising workplace. So, whether being US Citizen or H-1B Visa holder, professionals need to ensure better performance at any cost. There are no explanations on this behalf, based on which one can claim that H-1B Visa holders get better Jobs.

The H-1B quota Jobs are equally available to U.S. citizens as well as for those skilled professionals from the overseas nations. Once a US Citizen is not in a position to clear the interview for any reason, he has no reason to blame H1-B visa holder for the same

Terminated H1-B visa holders granted 60 days grace period-  In addition to all this, as per recent reports, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services will now allow terminated H-1B visa holders a grace period of 60 days to either leave or sort out their paperwork for new jobs. The rule will be effective from January 17, 2017. The fate of all H-1B Visa holders may vary in Trump’s rule. But this rule is sure to outline a new ray of hope for them in the current situation.

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